Video is King: AlmapBBDO Blends 105 Getty Images Clips to Craft a Love Story, "85 Seconds"

New twist on 2012's award-winning "From Love to Bingo" uses moving images, not stills, showcasing the breadth of Getty Images Video content

May 14, 2013, 09:00 ET from Getty Images

NEW YORK, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the viral success of the award-winning video "From Love to Bingo" campaign, AlmapBBDO has launched a new universal love story for Getty Images, this time using 105 seemingly unrelated Getty Images video clips.

"85 Seconds" tells the dramatic love story of a couple who meet as children, separate after graduation and reunite as adults. Leveraging a diverse range of creative, editorial and archival Getty Images Video, the Sao Paolo-based advertising agency AlmapBBDO weaved the clips together to create a short, tender and captivating narrative.

As the story unfolds with no dialogue – only music and video from Getty Images –, a stopwatch feature tracks the story, second by second. At the film's conclusion, the stopwatch speeds ahead to 63,103,983 seconds, the estimated length of the entire Getty Images Video collection.

"'85 Seconds' is a stunning showcase of the unrivalled depth and breadth of Getty Images Video offering to the creative community," Yvonne Chien, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Getty Images said. "We are delighted by AlmapBBDO's innovative thinking and hope their great work inspires and entertains audiences worldwide."

With 2,604,414 views and counting, AlmapBBDO Copywriter Sophie Schoenburg and Art Director Marcos Kotlhar caught the attention of millions with the viral "From Love to Bingo" campaign last year. The 2012 piece was composed of 873 pictures which created a kind of digital "flip book," telling the life story of a man who loses his spouse, but wins at bingo – and finds the strength to overcomes his sadness and sail around the world. This year, the team applied a similar technique, but instead relied on a selection of Getty Images Video to tell a different tale.

"We reviewed more than 4,000 Getty Images Video clips and adapted the story as the research evolved. Sometimes we searched for something we had in mind, and other times we would find something great we weren't looking for." AlmapBBDO Copywriter Sophie Schoenburg. "That's when we realized that if we played all the clips in Getty Images Video collection, it would take 63,103,983 seconds -- which is two years. It's huge!"

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