Video Resumes from TalentRooster Help Employers Win Big by Filling Holiday Rush of Seasonal Help

Employers using video resumes as a more efficient way of finding and vetting talent

Dec 14, 2010, 06:18 ET from TalentRooster

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- TalentRooster (, the world's leading video resume service, today announced that it can streamline the process of hiring, particularly during the hectic holiday season when companies need to hire many people quickly. With the holiday season upon us, many companies are utilizing technology to assist in their seasonal hiring needs, particularly for positions such as customer service and sales, where a good employee "fit" is essential to both a company's brand and the consumer's experience. Many companies will be hiring hundreds or thousands of employees for this period, which means thousands of applications will need to be processed quickly -- something that can become a daunting task.

"When faced with seasonal hiring, video resumes are a great solution to save time and money -- and ensure companies find the best candidates," says TalentRooster CEO David DeCapua. "For organizations that have on-site hiring needs or walk-in interviews, the TalentRooster video resume tool can be set up as a self-service kiosk where job seekers can easily create a video resume that is saved into a database for easy searching and retrieval." Video resumes can then be viewed, shared or forwarded to others who can view them at their leisure and determine in seconds what candidates are worth pursuing. Moreover, candidates applying remotely or from home can use TalentRooster to record a video resume from the comfort of their own home.

Julie Box, Director of Professional Placement for a firm based in Texas, says that her clients are enthusiastic about using video resumes. "From a client perspective, our goal is to have the video resumes replace initial face-to-face interviews," she says. "Using TalentRooster, employers can have an initial decision on a candidate in minutes, rather than spending hours conducting interviews."

TalentRooster not only enables employers to sort through applicants and get a "feel" for their personalities efficiently, it also empowers companies to search through pre-qualified candidates based on factors such as location, skills, or level of qualification.

DeCapua predicts that the video resume market will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. "Within the next couple of years, job seekers will no longer utilize paper resumes. Resumes will become digital with video, links to social media and much more. Video resumes will provide hiring managers with 80% of the information they need before ever meeting the candidate!"

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