Vigglers Blame Big Game Blackout on the Bounty Scandal!

Viggle gets to the bottom of Beyoncephobia, drinking with Flacco, fighting on the field and more during last night's nail biter!

Feb 04, 2013, 07:00 ET from Viggle

NEW YORK, Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Viggle (SM) (VGGL), the loyalty program for TV, surveyed more than 100,000 Viggle users who played along with a Big Game version of Viggle LIVE, Viggle's real-time game of trivia and polls. Unsurprisingly, 85% of players voted to dub this year's game "The Blackout Bowl."


The blackout gave fans a moment to grab a beer, and more than half of those polled said they'd rather grab a cool one with Flacco than Kaepernick. Speaking of beer, almost 20% said the game was just an excuse to drink. Those may be the same fans that said they're practicing their cough during the game so they can call in "sick" tomorrow.

52% of Vigglers called the game wrong predicting a 49ers win. The Ravens won the battle of team colors though - 66% of Vigglers preferred their Ravens' bold purple to the 49ers' bright red. And when it came to coaches, almost half polled admitted they couldn't tell the Harbaugh brothers apart. 82% said that Ray Lewis is NOT the greatest linebacker ever - don't believe the hype!

The real MVP of the game may have been Beyonce and that incredible video display. 60% said multiple Beyonces were awesome but a frightened 39% claimed multiple Beyonces were terrifying. Beyoncephobia aside, a whopping 84% said the lip synching scandal was overblown.

Before the lights went out, things were getting rough on the field as both teams received personal fouls for unnecessary roughness. More than half of those polled said to let 'em fight! As for that power outage, when asked what the cause might be, Viggle LIVE players responded as follows:

  • 24% said someone forgot to pay the bill
  • 35% exclaimed Beyonce was just too electric
  • 40% said it was payback from the bounty scandal

As the game came to a close and millions of dollars of commercials had been watched, 68% of those polled believed the expense of advertising during the Super Bowl was not worth the investment. In the battle of the ads, Vigglers had a sweet tooth - Oreo and M&M'S scored high against the other commercials.

All in all it was a memorable game with an entirely new second screen experience to make it all the more fun! Look for a full recap of data & responses to polls and trivia on early this week.

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