ViiMed and E-Medicus Announce International Digital Health Partnership

Jan 04, 2016, 11:35 ET from ViiMed

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ViiMed®, the US Pathways-as-a-Service platform, and E-Medicus, the Swiss cloud-based eHealth company, announced today the launch of a promising international digital health partnership. This announcement comes a few months after E-Medicus entered an international partnership with T-Systems, a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, with the aim to globally improve care for chronically ill patients and to considerably simplify the research projects of university establishments and pharmaceutical companies.

The E-Medicus "" solution, running on T-Systems' secure vCloud technology, brings together patients and providers through a simple and secure communication channel in a bi-directional form of patient engagement and real-world data collection. When Yves Nordmann, M.D., E-Medicus Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, learned about ViiMed's dynamic clinical pathway building capabilities through ViiMed's affiliation with the COPD Foundation, he said, "the ViiMed platform is a perfect complement to our solution, as it will enable our current and future health care organizations to rapidly create and personalize their own pathways inside the solution." The collaborative effort assembles a diverse range of solutions, knowledge, backgrounds, and experience aimed to improve patient-centered care and decrease healthcare costs. The focus of the first iteration of the combined solution will be twofold – chronic care health coaching and orthopedic peri-optimization.

When asked about the partnership, Phil Newman, ViiMed's CEO, said: "E-Medicus solution is a powerful patient engagement tool, and we are excited to layer our capabilities within it. In addition to enabling providers to deploy their pathways to their patients, we will also help organizations, like the COPD Foundation and our other pathway partners, extend their reach beyond the US in a secure and regulatory compliant fashion." E-Medicus plans to release its joint solution to its clients in the first quarter of 2016. The solution will help E-Medicus' existing and future health care providers, research institutions and clinical trial organizations more rapidly optimize their existing workflows, provide remote health coaching both synchronously and asynchronously, collect real-word data, and deliver cost-efficient clinical trial management.

About ViiMed

ViiMed, a Washington D.C.-based rapidly growing company, enables health care organizations to create, deploy, and innovate their virtual health care delivery systems. ViiMed affirms the most precious assets for any health care organization are its providers, more specifically their expertise, protocols, influence, feedback, and their relationships with their patients. The ViiMed Platform scales these assets, ensures providers perform at the top of their license, and better connects them to how their patients live. Today, ViiMed is used by industry leading health systems and large provider groups in orthopedic surgery, chronic care management, and employee-based care. The platform is helping these organizations build stronger relationships between patients and providers; drive dramatic efficiencies; produce health and financial outcomes; and, most importantly, help more people.

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About E-Medicus

The Swiss company E-Medicus GmbH was founded in Basel in 2007. As one of the first ventures of its kind in Europe, in 2011 E-Medicus successfully brought entirely cloud-based eHealth solutions to market. After achieving its initial goal of rapidly disseminating the platform within the medical profession on the pilot market of Switzerland, E-Medicus is now swiftly broadening its offering with innovative global solutions for patients as well as research institutions. The aim of this complete solution, which can be easily implemented internationally thanks to its IHE compatibility, is to cluster data streams and to involve the various stakeholders in the healthcare sector in this, in order to further improve the quality of patient care. This should be of immediate benefit to patients and, at the same time, generate substantial cost savings within healthcare systems.

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