VIP Communications Releases 2011 Rugby World Cup Expat Survey Report

Rugby World Cup more highly anticipated than FIFA World Cup, New Zealand and South Africa most likely to win Cup, USA predicted to be underdog success story, according to report from leading international calling service provider

Sep 09, 2011, 10:00 ET from VIP Communications, Inc.

ASHBURN, Va., Sept. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- VIP Communications, Inc., a leading provider of international calling services and solutions, today announced the official release of its 2011 Rugby World Cup Expat Survey Report, which provides an inside look at the upcoming Rugby World Cup, taking place from September 9 to October 23 in New Zealand.

VIP Communications solicited feedback on a variety of questions from more than 30,000 expat customers from six continents and more than 40 countries. The survey addressed a wide range of topics and storylines heading into this year's competition, including which teams and players were generating the most buzz, as well as the sacrifices that expats would make to see their native country bring home the Cup.

Among much of the featured data, some highlights are:

  • New Zealand and South Africa Predicted to Win: Just under 33% of respondents predict New Zealand to claim the Rugby World Cup on their home soil, while competing rugby powerhouse South Africa trailed in second place with 28.2% of the vote.
  • USA Predicted as Greatest Underdogs: The USA was projected by over 27% of respondents to be the "Cinderella" story of the 2011 Rugby World Cup and advance to the knockout stage. Meanwhile, other underdog teams which were picked to advance past the group stage were Tonga, Japan and Canada.
  • Rugby World Cup Creates More Anticipation than FIFA World Cup: When it comes to World Cups, expats are more excited for the rugby version than for the soccer version (or football, depending on where you come from). According to the VIP Communications 2011 Rugby World Cup Expat Survey Report, 38.2% of respondents answered that they are more excited for the Rugby World Cup than they were for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, while only 26% said they were more excited for the FIFA World Cup than the Rugby World Cup. Interestingly, both World Cups generate a tremendous amount of passion and interest from expats across the world, with less than 5% of respondents indicating they had no interest in either World Cup competition.
  • Food and Dating Biggest Sacrifices Expats Would Make to Claim the Rugby World Cup: Just what sacrifices would rugby fans make to see their native country win the World Cup? Well, it depends just who you ask. But 51.5% of overall respondents in the VIP community answered they would give up food for entire week just to see their native country win the Rugby World Cup. 31% of respondents said they would give up dating for a year, while 8% said they would gladly give up their job to see their country win the title.

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