Virtual Car Insurer Launches New Web Design for Car Insurance Shoppers

This car insurance website now makes it easier than ever for consumers to find what they are looking for

Jan 19, 2016, 08:40 ET from Virtual Car Insurer

NEW YORK, Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- recently launched a new web design to make it simple for consumers to find all the info they need when shopping for car insurance. The new design also views well on mobile devices, so consumers can log on wherever they are, as long as they are connected to the internet.

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The site loads faster than the previous design allowed, and is much easier to navigate. Most importantly, it helps consumers shop for the most advantageous rates for their auto insurance needs without having to leave the comfort of their living room.

In addition, it gives buyers all of the pertinent information they need regarding laws and regulations, no matter which state they live in. The aim is to give consumers all the info they need in one place... aided by a simple design.

Consumers and their loved ones need to protect themselves with car insurance whether they drive a Ferrari or a beat up old clunker. makes the process fast and stress-free.

Insurance provides two distinct types of protection – protection for the vehicle and protection against personal liability. The more someone has to protect, the more important it is to have sufficient coverage in place. 

But it doesn't matter how much or how little they own, it is important to carry at least the minimum coverage. Sometimes, Americans should carry more than that. 

No driver can afford to be without insurance, but affording quality coverage can be a real problem. That is why insurance websites like Virtual Car Insurer can be so valuable. Thanks to the power of the Internet, drivers can now compare quotes from dozens of different companies in the time it would take to check only a few. 

Instead of grabbing the phone book and calling all the car insurers in an area, consumers can simply log on to, enter their information and get back quotes from different companies. 

This makes it easy to compare prices, premiums and levels of coverage in only a matter of minutes. You can log on here:

Virtual Car Insurer offers up these tips to consumers looking to get the best rate and expedite the whole process...

"Insurance is all about preparation and comparison shopping. It pays to be prepared before visiting a car insurance quote website. 

"Before getting started, consumers will need to make sure they have all the information they will need, including the make, model and year of all the vehicles in the household, the VIN numbers of those vehicles and the names of all licensed drivers.

"They will also need to report any speeding tickets or moving violations they may have had in the past several years, so they should be sure to have this information available as well."

When it comes time to write the policy, the insurer will check a consumer's driving record, and providing that this information is correct, will ensure drivers get an accurate quote.

After entering their information into the online car insurance website, all a shopper needs to do is sit back and wait for the quotes to come in. Consumers can shop for quotes by zip code at

Once those quotes start rolling in, consumers can start comparing them to find the best possible car insurance at the lowest price. VCI helps insurance shoppers from the beginning of the process to end. And the new site design makes it easier to do just that.

Joe Hanlon

Virtual Car Insurer


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