Virtual Reality Presidential Race Begins

Avatar Bill of Rights Proposed

Nov 19, 2015, 06:00 ET from Mindark PE AB

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Nov. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- /Mindark/ – Mindark PE AB, Developer of Entropia Universe, the Real Cash MMO Virtual Reality platform announced today the introduction of a new democratic voting system and election date for choosing the inaugural President of Virtual Reality. With the rise of awareness and participation in virtual reality and significant global investment into artificial intelligence, a new virtual government is being formed to champion users' rights across all platforms.

Mindark invites everyone over the age of 14 to claim their virtual reality citizenship and to register to vote in the upcoming historic election for the first ever President of Virtual Reality. Candidates for president can also register now and start campaigning. Virtual Reality developers, publishers and creators of both hardware and software can register to join the Virtual Reality Coalition to support an Avatar Bill of Rights and create unity in the development of VR. Polls will close on March 27th 2016.

Please visit to register and participate in the election.

"Virtual Reality is much bigger than one company," said David Simmonds, Mindark PE AB's Vice Chairman. "We are proud to truly empower and support those living and working in VR by pursuing self-determination and self-government. A governing body with a democratically elected President is the next big step in making virtual reality truly real."

The first President of Virtual Reality will be committed to a four ­year term of office with the possibility of one re-election opportunity. The President will work with an initial operating budget generously supplied by Entropia Universe; Mindark will donate a portion of the annual Entropia Universe GNP to fund the formation of the Office of President of Virtual Reality and help promote strategic alliances between the virtual reality government and real-world groups and institutions. As more companies and organizations join the VR coalition, the budget is expected to increase to fund further initiatives and governmental positions. Additionally, Entropia Universe will be implementing its proprietary secure Virtual Democracy voting system that will set a shining example for real-world governments, and will allow citizens of virtual reality to vote on important issues and elect leaders to represent their interests.

Entropia Universe has been online for over 12 years, setting world records and allowing players to enjoy unprecedented avatar longevity, secure virtual trading, a continuously evolving platform and content produced by independent game developers and major Hollywood studios. With a global user base it has a total GNP of over $4 Billion US. A combined $2 billion US in auction sales has occurred due to over 20 billion virtual items being manufactured. 30,000,000 secure real cash micro­transactions are processed daily with over $35,000,000 US in user withdrawals.

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