Visibli Makes Links Come Alive, Do a Little Work

Add-on toolbar also yields 12% higher retention rate for bloggers in beta tests

Oct 14, 2010, 16:16 ET from Visibli

TORONTO, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Visibli today publicly released its Engagement Bar, a cool, web-based way to make your links work for you. With the Engagement Bar, people can include fun videos, favorite pictures and even store tie-ins with each link that they share, and companies can use it to keep their brands in front of their audience.  Previously in closed beta, the Engagement Bar is now available free for internet users everywhere to put their shared links to work.

A short video explaining Visibli is available at

When you link to a page, your customized Engagement Bar shows up atop your linked pages – thus extending your personality and brand.  Links can potentially be monetized as well: Engagement Bars can incorporate social widgets, online videos, content from your favorite brands and charities, or you can even link directly to an Amazon list, iTunes or Etsy store.

Visibli also helps businesses create company-branded Engagement Bars. This allows organizations – from traditional businesses to sports teams, music labels, or publishers – to better interact with their fans through posted links. One fantastic option: organizations can reward fans for using their company-branded Engagement Bar.  By encouraging fans to show off their brand loyalty in exchange for points and rewards, businesses extend their reach to their fans' friends in a fun and measureable way -- without spending a fortune on traditional advertising.

Unlike some solutions, Visibli can work for anyone who shares links, whether via Twitter, Facebook, other social networks or even email.

The Engagement Bar also has proven to help bloggers retain more visitors. During the closed beta, bloggers reported retention rates averaging 12% higher for the number of visitors who returned to their blog via the Engagement Bar after clicking on links to outside content.

"Links are everywhere, and drive a ton of traffic," says Visibli co-founder Saif Ajani. "Before today, your link was the same as everyone else's link.  But with Visibli, your link has your personal tone to it – it might tell your friends about the brands you're psyched about, a post you liked, the latest music you've heard, or the teams you root for. Casual Internet users now can jump into the so-called Link Economy, and personalize their links in a way that they couldn't before."

Getting an Engagement Bar is easy: just go to Visibli's web site, design your own fully personalized toolbar, and instantly get an embed code to put it atop your blog or favorite links!

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Visibli's Engagement Bar™ gives companies a valuable new tool to extend their reach, while providing consumers with relevant content, promotions and e-commerce opportunities to sell their products and services.  Visibli is funded by Extreme Venture Partners.  For more details, visit


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