Visitor Experience at Shanghai Expo's Information and Communications Pavilion Marks New Industry Standard

Pavilion Hosts China Mobile and China Telecom Laud BRC Imagination Arts for Pavilion's Groundbreaking Full-Immersion Interactive Technology and Presentations, which Have Won Multiple Industry Awards

Oct 27, 2010, 09:00 ET from BRC Imagination Arts

SHANGHAI, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- With the Shanghai 2010 World Expo drawing to a close, BRC Imagination Arts, renowned for the design and production of immersive brand, entertainment and cultural experiences, congratulates China Mobile and China Telecom for embracing new technology that made their jointly hosted Information Communications Pavilion one of the most popular and highly praised corporate pavilions at the Expo. The Pavilion has greeted and engaged more than 3 million guests since it opened on May 1.

BRC conceived and produced the Pavilion experience, which combined immersive digital media with interactive wireless technologies and tactile 4-D special effects. Each visitor was leant an interactive mobile device designed and manufactured by BRC that accompanied them throughout the exhibits and shows, allowing them to personalize their experience and interact with the story. The theme of the Pavilion was "Dream Big," and the device let visitors capture and store their dreams throughout the show so they could continue their voyage later from home.

"BRC took a whole new approach to the Information Communications Pavilion's visitor experience, one that fulfilled the long-standing industry dream of combining a shared full-immersion story with interactive mobile technology, while at the same time facilitating huge hourly capacity – as many as 24,700 visitors per day," said  Christian Lachel, Pavilion Creative Director and Vice President, BRC Imagination Arts. "The result was an experience that created a deep emotional connection with the audience. Families and children absolutely loved it."

BRC's achievements at the Information Communication Pavilion won the Pavilion two gold 2010 Event Design Awards: Best Interactive Element and Best Use of Media/AV. The Pavilion also won three Honorable Mentions in Exhibitor Magazine's awards for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo: Best Use of Technology, Best Presentation and People's Choice. In addition, the Pavilion has been nominated as one of the winners of 2010 China's Most Successful Design Awards.

Research by Sinote Consulting in Shanghai showed visitor satisfaction above 97 percent, and Nielson rankings placed it in the top three corporate pavilions and in the top ten of all pavilions at the Expo.

"The technology BRC applied reflects the main messages of the Information and Communications Pavilion – boundless communication and a futuristic Information Communication Technology experience," said Chen Rong, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile's Exhibition Team for the Expo. "BRC's professionalism and innovation helped make this one of the Expo's most popular pavilions."

Key highlights of the Pavilion:

  • 1,900 guests per hour, up to 24,700 guests per day – more than 3 million visitors in all;
  • Every guest borrowed a hand-held personal Mobile Device
  • Every guest could create a personal web page posted on a secured site, recording their personal experiences and sharing the dreams they collected during the Pavilion show;
  • Every guest could continue their visitor experience at home by logging onto the Pavilion's social network site;
  • Every guest instantly became a member of the pavilion's online community, connecting people across China and the World – over 3 million members in just six months.

"BRC created a truly immersive environment with 32 screens and special 4-D effects that gave visitors the inspiration to Dream Big," said Huang Liliang, Deputy General Manager of the China Mobile Exhibition Team and director of the Information and Communications Pavilion. "BRC also performed significant research into the history of communications in China and infused this research into the show and exhibits, making the experience resonate strongly with Chinese audiences."

As Executive Producer for the overall pavilion, BRC created and produced the interactive media, exhibitions and shows. BRC's extended pavilion team included over 500 design, production and technology professionals including; designers, planners, artists, writers, creative and art directors, filmmakers, producers, project managers and coordinators, interactive designers and programmers, audio/video specialists, special effects technicians, lighting designers and programmers, music and sound composition professionals, and fabrication and installation managers. These included local Chinese consultants, vendors and suppliers.

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SOURCE BRC Imagination Arts