Visual Network Systems Announces OmniPoint™ Element Version 7.0 Providing Extended Visibility into the Cloud Network Infrastructure

Enhancements provide trusted demarcation point for cloud providers that can be deployed anywhere throughout these dynamic environments

Sep 19, 2011, 09:00 ET from Visual Network Systems

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Visual Network Systems, a leading provider of application and network performance management solutions for IT organizations, today announced a new version of OmniPoint™ Element, with support of virtual environments, further expanding flexibility of deployment and visibility of Visual Performance Manager™ into cloud environments.  

OmniPoint Element is software point of presence instrumentation. Combined with Visual Performance Manager with multi-tenancy support, the solution provides visibility across the entire service delivery infrastructure. This solution is designed to enable cloud service providers to create managed services for their cloud infrastructure. As the number of cloud providers increases, the ability to provide value-added services in addition to providing infrastructure services is critical for competitive differentiation in the market. Visual Network Systems, with over a decade of partnerships with major service providers to deliver value added managed services, has the ideal platform and technology to enable the next generation of managed services for the cloud environment.

"The Visual Network Systems solution will now be able to restore performance visibility into both virtualized computing and cloud infrastructure settings, providing application/service health and activity details for assuring quality delivery and performance. "- Enterprise Management Associates

Cloud service providers will appreciate the deployment flexibility of OmniPoint which provides support for a variety of platforms with a highly scalable design. OmniPoint Element has successfully completed interoperability testing with the Cisco SRE-V platform on the Cisco SRE 700 and 900 blades within the Integrated Services Routers category. Because OmniPoint Element installs as a simple OVF file, it can be deployed on virtual machines (VM) such as Riverbed Steelhead.  

In a recent Enterprise Management Associates review on OmniPoint Element, the analyst firm stated that OmniPoint Element will successfully restore the lost visibility many organizations have suffered as they have moved to cloud and virtualized computing. To read the complete review in the EMA Impact Brief on OmniPoint Element, click here.

Determining the root cause of performance degradation is essential in a cloud infrastructure to quickly resolve issues and restore critical applications. OmniPoint Element offers a demarcation point, which speeds troubleshooting by isolating the problem domain and pinpointing if the problem is on the service provider's side or within the enterprise network. The collected data is correlated with other data sources within Visual Performance Manager's Performance Management Database (PMDB), which enables the user to rapidly identify root cause of application performance problems and assess the impact of the degradation across all remote sites. OmniPoint Element also extends Visual Performance Manager's remote site performance visibility with VoIP call quality time correlated with network traffic profile.

"This next generation OmniPoint Element delivers a highly flexible and scalable solution that allows cloud service providers to deploy the solution virtually anywhere visibility is needed regardless of the size of the network. This flexibility provides segmentation identification for rapid problem domain isolation in these complex environments," said Daryle DeBalski, vice president and general manager of Visual Network Systems. "With the increased adoption of cloud computing, it is important that we remain agile in the way we develop our solution to ensure that we can meet the changing needs of the service providers that rely on our solution to deliver value-added services, today and well into the future."  

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