Vivint Home Automation Makes the Perfect Mother's Day Gift for Busy Moms

- Home Automation Simplifies Everyday Tasks with Video Surveillance, Automatic Door Locks

May 08, 2013, 08:00 ET from Vivint

PROVO, Utah, May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As Mother's Day approaches, grateful children and husbands everywhere are looking for the perfect gift for Mom. For a busy mother looking for something to simplify her life, a new home automation system from Vivint®, the largest home automation provider in North America, is the perfect fit.


Wherever Mom is—at work, home, the grocery store, or traveling—she can check in at home using her smartphone, laptop, or computer. And whether she's a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a combination of both, she can use Vivint to watch live video of what's happening at home, arm or disarm the security system, get text notifications when the kids get home from school, and adjust the thermostat. All Vivint products work remotely with any web-enabled device, so moms on-the-go can always stay connected to their homes and families.

Luz Wiley from Yuma, Arizona, juggles a busy schedule daily. To help her keep everything running smoothly and keep the stress low, Wiley has turned to the convenience of home automation. "Vivint's home automation and security system has definitely added convenience to our lives," says Wiley. "We really enjoy being able to control our home and ensure our family's safety through our smartphones, and it's never been this easy to know exactly what's going on at home and to keep everything in order. We love it!"

Each of Wiley's children has their own entry code for her automatic door locks that sends a unique notification to her smartphone letting her know which of the children is home and what time they arrived. Wiley also uses her smartphone to access the cameras inside her home to make sure all is well, adjust her thermostat, and control her lamps.

Aside from convenience and functionality, Vivint home automation also provides mothers with the comfort of knowing their children are safe. As Stacey Thomas from Philadelphia, Mississippi, describes it, "I love the peace of mind and the features that I get with my Vivint security system. I can know that my kids are home safe after school and watch recorded clips from the cameras of them entering the house. Thanks Vivint for allowing me to check up on the things that are most important to me!"

Jennifer Mann from Holly Springs, California, is a working mom that uses her smartphone to manage her Vivint system while she's at the office. Whether it's checking on her kids, adjusting her thermostat, or letting family in and out of the house—she can do it all remotely with just the touch of a button. "When I leave to go out of town for work on the weekends, I call my son often to check on him. Now, when he tells me he's home alone, I can actually scan through the house with the cameras to see if he's alone and not having some wild party."

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