ViXS XCode(R) 3000 Series Drives "Industry First" features For VALUESTAR and LaVie PC's

Jan 07, 2010, 09:44 ET from ViXS Systems Inc.

ViXS XCode(R) 3106 provides wireless distribution of protected broadcast video

TORONTO, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ - ViXS Systems Inc., a leader in highly innovative and advanced networked multimedia solutions, today announced that NEC Personal Products, Ltd. (NECP) has selected XCode(R) 3106 for the latest line of VALUESTAR W, N and L Personal Computer's (PC's) and their newly released Wireless TV product. The XCode(R) 3106 transcodes HD MPEG2 broadcast video to a QVGA MPEG4 AVC format for mobile phone playback support; this feature is the first of its kind to be available in the PC industry. Another industry first for the VALUESTAR product line is real-time HD MPEG2 broadcast video to HD MPEG4 AVC transcoding with the ability to distribute this video over a standard 802.11 wireless network to the LaVie L line of laptops for video playback, preview and recording.

When it comes to flexibility the Wireless TV product is leading the way protected broadcast content is being viewed. Consumers can place the Wireless TV product near their source cable inputs and stream video wirelessly to a LaVie L laptop allowing mobility without the burden of being tied down by cable connections. The LaVie L is the industry's first laptop model with the ability to watch protected digital broadcasts over a standard 802.11 wireless network.

XCode(R) 3106 provides advanced features in the VALUESTAR product line which include high speed transcoding with support for preview + record, a scheduled 2nd recording option and secure video storage using NECP's Digital Rights Management (DRM). The XCode(R) 3106 also interfaces directly to Dual ISDB-T Demodulators / Tuners and will descramble Japanese Secure Broadcast content using its integrated smart card controller and security engine.

"The XCode(R) 3106 was instrumental in helping us deliver a VALUESTAR series with "Industry First" features that has allowed us to deliver a class of product with the outmost in performance, security and control," said Hideaki Kato, Associate Senior Vice President at NEC Personal Products Ltd. "The media processing found in our VALUESTAR product line is setting the mark for others to follow."

"NECP has launched an innovative wireless video product that showcases how the power of the XCode(R) Series of ICs provide advanced video networking features, unmatched by our competitors", said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS Systems. "The XCode(R) 3106 has helped NECP develop true multimedia differentiation in multiple platforms and form factors providing consumers the ultimate multimedia device."

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