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Consumers are constantly complaining about being harassed by their timeshare developers.

Oct 05, 2012, 17:16 ET from VO Financial

CAPE COD, Mass. Oct. 5, 2012/PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Some timeshare consumers have recently brought to our attention that their developer has been sending a final threatening letter meant to scare and intimidate them back into paying for their timeshare. For starters, they are claiming that they are exempt from collection laws. If you have sent a certified letter asking for the developer to cease and desist from contacting you by telephone and this request is ignored, you may have a right to file a complaint. Here is more information on reporting FDCPA Violations:

Reporting FDCPA Violations:

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against the collector.

File a complaint with your state's attorney general.

File a civil suit in your state or federal court for up to $1,000 including damages.

As previous letters from the developer have stated they are threatening you with foreclosure.  This is another way of putting fear into you hoping that you decide to start paying again. As a reminder of the process-

"Canceling my existing timeshare debt"?

VOF verifies from a client the exact nature of the fraudulent sales tactics and/or misrepresentations the client encountered during the purchase of their existing timeshare from a timeshare developer, VOF will gather a case file on that client. Based on VOF's experience in the timeshare industry, VOF will then decide what type of services best suite the particular client's file and financial situation. If it is determined that the client wishes to eliminate the debt owed on account of its existing timeshare, VOF will walk the client through this process. Based on VOF's experience and the nature of timeshare properties, VOF will consult with the client about stopping all payments on the existing timeshare debt in order to eventually obtain a deed in lieu of foreclosure. VOF will work with the client during this process, which normally takes 150-180 days, by consulting about how the process works and providing stop call letters to the client so they can send to their mortgage holder in order to stop the harassing debt collection calls. As the federal Dodd-Frank Act permits, timeshare mortgages, as opposed to residential personal mortgages, are specifically permitted to utilize the non-judicial foreclose process i.e. a deed in lieu of foreclosure in addition to other state specific legislation permitting the same (FL Ch. 721). In addition, a deficiency judgment will not be entered against the client after they receive a deed in lieu so as to eliminate all obligations associated with the timeshare and the accompanying debt.

Please look at the following information below to help you better understand that this last collection effort - prior to a developer sending you the deed in lieu - is a ploy in order to scare you into paying. As another example of not being truthful with their clients, they previously send you an acknowledgment stating that they will abide by your request and cease all collection attempts by way of telephone, only to then contradict themselves by sending this last-ditch effort in order to get you to start paying once again.

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This information is to educate consumers so they are not fooled to being roped back into paying. If you have any questions and need further verification, please contact our corporate office.

It is also written that they would like you to contact them to make sure that your personal information hasn't been compromised implying that an organization would have in some way illegally obtained it. We find this to be irresponsible and unprofessional. Furthermore, please read this FTC Complaint as we believe organizations should take accountability for themselves and not pass it off on others.

As a final reminder you may verify this process with any licensed attorney for peace of mind which we highly recommend.


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