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Aug 22, 2012, 11:39 ET from VO Financial Corporation

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J., Aug. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As an alternative to its Debt Reduction Deed Replacement program, VO Financial also known as VO Financial Corporation established its Inspired Vacations program based on the experience of helping clients avoid the deceptive practices that exist in the timeshare industry.  Timeshare ownership offers consumers the opportunity to stay in luxurious and spacious accommodations versus the standard studio hotel room.  Under the circumstances timeshare owners often face, however, these accommodations are generally the only advantage to vacation ownership.  In order to understand why an elite travel plan is so attractive, consumers must first recognize the deceptive nature of timeshare ownership that is fostered by VO Financial's competitors.

The average initial purchase in the timeshare industry costs roughly $20,000 and can carry an interest rate of 11% to 17% on the mortgage loan depending on credit rating.  This $20,000 package provides timeshare owners with an average of seven vacation days per year.  Generally these ownership packages carry only enough clout to provide occasional availability during prime seasons for the luckiest of owners.  Of course, these slim odds are not disclosed at the time of purchase and end up a common reason that timeshare owners need more ownership, hoping to have a chance to enjoy the money they have locked themselves into spending.  Even assuming that a timeshare owner's purchase is without deception and they are able to travel seven days a year and receive the date availability they desire, there may still be advantages to an Inspired Vacation membership. 

Timeshare owners are required to pay a monthly or annually maintenance fee – on average $900 per year for a $20,000 initial purchase.  Timeshare sales representatives will stay away from showing owners the math by any and all means necessary

"The original cost of this ownership will carry mortgage payments of around $300 per month and an annual maintenance fee of around $900 which brings your total to $4500 per year," said Wendy Cheung, Director of Accounting for VO Financial Corporation.  "If you take $4500 a year and divide that by the seven nights of vacation you are spending $907 per night for the first 10 years of your ownership.  The worst part is you are spending $907 a night for seven nights of vacation regardless of availability or whether you are able to travel," says Wendy Cheung, Director of Accounting for VO Financial Corporation.

"Even assuming your maintenance fees never increase," said Cheung, "after paying off your 10 year mortgage, you will still be locked into paying an average of $125 per night.  In all likelihood, however, the maintenance fees will increase each year to outrageous levels, making it even more difficult to find value in your timeshare.  VO Financial can help," she says.

Many timeshare owners are sold on multiple false promises that never come to fruition.  The majority of timeshare owners upgrade 4 to 5 times on average.  Ironically, these upgrades are purportedly provided in order to rectify a problem with a timeshare owner's account, making the timeshare owner believe they are receiving more for their money.  Often, however, timeshare owners are presented with fabrications of how the product will actually work and distortions about their purchase being a financial investment which could yield a return.  Consumers are sometimes told that they could later sell their property for a profit, rent out their unused ownership for income, or even that the developer will purchase the ownership back from them later.

One of the most common pitches utilized in the timeshare sales industry is the "rental pitch".  Sales representatives create a false sense of security by telling timeshare owners that they can rent out their ownership in order to offset the annual costs.  Owners quickly discover this is not the case and then every company they attempt to rent through steals their money and does nothing for them. 

Inspired Vacations members benefit from VO Financial's Take My Place™ rental division, which VO Financial created as a free service for our Debt Reduction Deed Replacement clients.  Through the Take My Place rental division, VO Financial clients can rent their ownership without any costs to join or any commissions charged. Take My Place provides Inspired Vacations members the most efficient reservation fulfillment system created to date.  Inspired Vacations developed its reservation system not to be run by a computer, but rather by hard working agents who are determined to find you the travel accommodations that you need.

The Take My Place rental division is an important part of Inspired Vacations' success. Inspired Vacations members have no sales presentations to attend while on vacation, no maintenance fees to pay on a monthly or annual basis, and they are not restricted to the properties of only one timeshare developer.  

VO Financial is able to offer Inspired Vacations clients 50% off of the advertised price online for the same resort accommodations. Utilizing the reservation system of high-powered timeshare ownerships, VO Financial is able to make reservations for its clients.  When an Inspired Vacations member wants to go on vacation, they simply submit a request with the location desired and a VOF agent will have a Take My Place™ member book that reservation using their ownership.  The Inspired Vacations member will pay the deeply discounted rate to go on vacation (50% less than the same accommodations found online) and the revenue collected is transferred directly to the Take My Place customer.

The Inspired Vacations membership is unique because clients receive the benefit of deeply discounted vacations at luxurious timeshare units without the headaches of ownership.  Meanwhile, Take My Place members are now finally able to receive the rental revenue that they have always wanted.

Envision having the freedom to book your reservations with the most prestigious ownership accounts giving you access to the most popular developers without the hassle or cost of ownership.  As an Inspired Vacations member, you only pay for vacation time when you are going on vacation.   

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