VOIS, Inc. Acquires Software Licensing Rights

Dec 19, 2012, 12:41 ET from VOIS Inc.

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- VOIS, INC. (OTCQB: VOIS) has acquired the licensing rights to market and sell the three thought-controlled software applications, "Mind Mouse," "Master Mind" and "Think-Tac-Toe" on a world-wide perpetual basis.

MIND MOUSE - The thought-controlled software application is designed to allow the user to navigate the computer, click and double click to open programs, compose email and send with the power of their mind. The application can be used by anyone, but we believe it is especially beneficial to people with disabilities that have problems with communicating.

MASTER MIND - This thought-controlled software application is designed to allow the user to play existing PC games which are on the market with the power of their mind. Rather than using a traditional keyboard, mouse or hand-held controller, the player controls the characters with their thoughts through the use of a wireless headset that reads the player's brainwaves. The user maps specific thoughts to create commands, which are received via a Bluetooth wireless USB. Those commands cause the characters to run, shoot, jump or any other action used in the game.

THINK-TAC-TOE - The thought-controlled version of tic-tac-toe allows the user to play against the computer using the power of their mind. The game provides the use of a gyroscope to move right, left, up or down. Once the desired square is selected, the user concentrates to place an "X" or "O" in the respective box. The game can be played entirely by cognitive thought, by thinking Right or Left or can utilize the gyroscope to move from square to square.

In an effort to consolidate all software and hardware properties related to the Company's Brain-Computer-Interface technology under one roof, VOIS, Inc. will provide a stock dividend to Mind Technologies, Inc. in return for the non-exclusive Licensing Rights to the three software applications. In return, The Company has received Rights to market and sell the applications world-wide on a perpetual basis. These three applications are currently compatible with the Emotiv EPOC wireless EEG headset and will be sold online through The Company's website. Once The Company's proprietary EEG headset is completed, these three thought-controlled applications plan to be converted to operate off this new mobile platform as well.