Volante Partners With QDBS, Enters Mexican Marketplace for Financial Data Management

Jun 22, 2010, 09:00 ET from Volante Technologies

NEW YORK, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Volante Technologies today announced its partnership with QDBS of Mexico City, a consulting firm and developer of software for local and multinational banks operating in Mexico. QDBS is using Volante technology for integration of SWIFT and other messaging in customer projects, as well as a new software solution that will be launched later this year.

"The inclusion of Volante technology in QDBS solutions will save our clients time and money in dealing with complex messaging implementations," said Jose Luis Melgarejo, CEO. "Our clients have already found Volante's support of SWIFT messaging standards and validation to be a valuable feature for multinational payments. In addition, in a new contract with the Mexico subsidiary of a major global bank, we will use Volante for integrating Thomson Reuters Kondor+ for FX and money market trading with the most widely used core processing platform among banks in Mexico. This is an excellent beginning for the partnership."

QDBS's selection of Volante followed a review of competing vendors. Determining factors in the choice were Volante's flexibility to operate within any systems environment, its domain awareness of SWIFT messaging and other complex messaging types, as well as Volante's service support for partners.

"As an IT innovator with a leading market position in Mexico, QDBS is an ideal partner to introduce our data messaging technology to the country and the region," said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante. "We recognize that banks in Mexico have their unique challenges, which are well understood by QDBS. We look forward to working with QDBS as they develop advanced solutions for financial services automation."

Volante technology is designed to expedite the development and implementation of state-of-the-art messaging solutions. Volante is infrastructure agnostic, enabling solutions to be seamlessly integrated into applications and networks, communication gateways and middleware, such as J2EE application servers, service oriented architectures (SOA) or existing applications.  

About QDBS

QDBS is a developer and provider of database management services and systems primarily aimed at Mexico's financial and corporate sectors. Established in 2004, QDBS maintains a proven track record delivering a wide range of professional software development services. For additional information, visit www.qdbs.com.mx

About Volante

Since 2001, Volante Technologies has been providing expertise and software solutions for data messaging, slashing development time and costs for the financial services industry. Volante provides integration solutions for low-latency environments, service oriented architectures, vendor data consolidation, complex event processing, SWIFT message integration and other complex data challenges. Its metadata-based technology also enables enterprise data governance and model-driven data initiatives.

Volante solutions are employed by top-tier buy-side and sell-side institutions around the globe, as well as industry utilities. For more information, visit www.volantetech.com.

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