VoltDB Announces Record Benchmark Results for Node.js

NewSQL Market Leader Processes 695,000 Node.js Transactions Per Second on Amazon Cloud

Apr 17, 2012, 10:00 ET from VoltDB

BILLERICA, Mass., April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- VoltDB, Inc. (www.voltdb.com), the leading provider of NewSQL database management systems, today announced the results of recent benchmarks indicating record throughput and scaling for Node.js applications.  Running on standard Amazon EC2 servers, VoltDB's Node.js client library delivered 695,000 ACID transactions per second at near linear scalability.  The benchmark used VoltDB's "Voter" application, which simulates the high velocity transaction workloads experienced by many Web- and cloud-based applications including wireless, financial trading, digital media, online gaming and network monitoring.

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"We're very pleased to see VoltDB integrating and benchmarking its products with Node.js," said Paolo Fragomeni, co-founder and CTO at Nodejitsu, a leading Node.js cloud company. "Node.js provides a lean, scalable framework for implementing high performance Web applications, to which VoltDB adds an ultra-high throughput transactional database foundation.  Node.js and VoltDB offer a uniquely powerful combination for enterprise Web applications that require breakthrough performance, linear scale and 100% data consistency.  We look forward to running VoltDB on Joyent's modern SmartOS platform."

Designed by RDBMS pioneer Michael Stonebraker, VoltDB is a distributed, in-memory database management system intended specifically to run on modern memory-rich servers with multi-core CPUs.  VoltDB combines the proven power of relational processing with blazing speed, linear scaling, guaranteed data consistency and uncompromising database durability.  Node.js is a framework written for Google's V8 Javascript engine that supports evented I/O, asynchronous communications and other programming constructs that are useful for building scalable Web applications.

"For a framework that's barely three years old, Node.js has shown remarkable developer interest and adoption," said Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk. "Its combination of an event-driven, asynchronous approach and performance have made it one of the top ranked development frameworks according to our internal metrics."

Benchmark Configuration and Operation

The Amazon EC2 configuration used for the benchmark was comprised of twelve m2.4xlarge servers for the VoltDB database and eight m2.4xlarge servers for the Node.js clients.  Each server had eight virtual cores.  Other benchmark components included:

Operating system: Ubuntu
Node.js version: 0.6.10
VoltDB Node.js driver version: 0.1.1 (6dcdcf5)
VoltDB DBMS version: 2.2
Client-side benchmark script: 0.71 – 0.74 (d5df513)

The benchmark consisted of Node.js instances simultaneously executing Voter transactions against the VoltDB database.  Each Node.js instance processed transactions at throughput of ~11,000 per second, and scaling was highly linear from 32 to 64 instances, at which point the benchmark had achieved aggregate throughput of 695,000 TPS.

"VoltDB continues to drive the standard for applications that require speed, scale, consistency and reliability," said Bruce Reading VoltDB President and CEO.  "The numbers speak for themselves - VoltDB delivers the lowest cost-per-transaction in the industry today and provides material economic value for our customers."  Added Reading, "We are very pleased with the results of our performance running Node.js applications in the Amazon EC2 cloud and are excited to continue working with leading developer communities.  We believe that Node.js holds tremendous potential for new generations of Web applications and we are looking forward to working with and supporting the needs of the Node.js users worldwide."

VoltDB will be hosting a live webinar to discuss the Node.js benchmark on May 8, 2012, at 2:00pm EDT.  Details and registration information are available at http://voltdb.com/resources/webinars.

About VoltDB
Designed by DBMS pioneer Mike Stonebraker for organizations that have reached the price/performance limitations of traditional database management systems, VoltDB combines the proven power of relational processing with in-memory database speed, linear scalability and uncompromising fault tolerance.  VoltDB is the NewSQL solution of choice for high velocity database applications that require 100% accuracy and realtime analytics.