VoltDB Announces Version 2.0

Breakthrough innovations enhance open source database durability, performance, interoperability and developer productivity

Sep 13, 2011, 09:00 ET from VoltDB

BILLERICA, Mass., Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- VoltDB (www.voltdb.com), the leading provider of high-throughput relational database systems, announced today the general availability of VoltDB version 2.0.  VoltDB is a distributed, in-memory database specifically designed for modern software applications that are pushed beyond their limits by high volume data sources.  This new generation of data sources – real-time feeds, machine-generated data, micro-transactions, high performance content serving – requires database throughput and analytics that scale to millions of operations per second while providing 100% data consistency.  VoltDB version 2.0 includes important new features for database durability and recovery; it includes key performance and interoperability improvements; and it provides many enhancements geared at helping developers learn to use VoltDB.

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"VoltDB gives us a highly scalable database foundation that can handle our most demanding throughput requirements without sacrificing transaction consistency," said Paul Pham, Director of Operations at Booyah, a leading provider of social gaming applications.  "VoltDB 2.0 offers several useful enhancements, the most important of which is Command Logging, a critical feature for achieving full database durability.  We're very excited to see the enhancements in VoltDB 2.0, and are looking forward to future features that support Booyah's real-world gaming platforms."

The VoltDB database is ideal for developers of digital ad serving, gaming, financial trading, telecommunications and other applications requiring high throughput database operations.  These systems place tremendous demands on database scalability while requiring 100% data consistency and real-time analytics.  VoltDB 2.0 enhancements include:

  • Durability and recovery.  Version 2.0 introduces a new feature called Command Logging that allows VoltDB databases to be fully recoverable in the face of severe failures caused by hardware and software crashes.  Available in VoltDB Enterprise Edition, Command Logging ensures that every transaction applied to a VoltDB database is separately logged to disk.  Following a system crash, VoltDB automatically assembles a recovery plan from available database snapshots and command logs, and then executes that plan to recover the database for normal operations.  Importantly, Command Logging includes tuning features that allow systems administrators to optimally balance database durability and performance.

  • Query performance optimizations.  Version 2.0 includes performance improvements that allow distributed read operations to run faster.  VoltDB's query planner has been enhanced to distribute query workloads across the VoltDB cluster, allowing those queries to execute directly on nodes where the data is stored.  This optimization significantly improves performance for a broad class of real-time analytic applications.

  • Database interoperability.  Version 2.0 includes enhancements to VoltDB's streaming export subsystem, which is designed to provide high performance interoperability between VoltDB and other companion datastores such as Hadoop and OLAP databases.  Version 2.0 allows VoltDB's in-memory export buffer to "overflow" data to disk when downstream systems are ingesting data more slowly than VoltDB makes it available.  By overflowing export data to disk, VoltDB maintains extremely high export performance while automatically managing the "impedance mismatch" that often exists among datastores with different performance profiles.

  • JDBC support.  Version 2.0 introduces support for the popular JDBC programming interface.  VoltDB's new JDBC feature includes support for ad hoc operations, invocation of prepared SQL statements and accessibility to VoltDB stored procedures.  VoltDB has also implemented the JDBC metadata class, providing programmatic access to all database metadata.  VoltDB also supports relevant JDBC return codes.  By providing support for JDBC, VoltDB 2.0 offers developers a choice of using VoltDB's high performance stored procedure interface or JDBC.  In addition, JDBC support opens VoltDB for interoperability with a wide variety of RDBMS ecosystem tools such as report writers and business intelligence solutions.

  • VoltDB Studio.  Version 2.0 introduces VoltDB Studio, a browser based tool designed to help developers rapidly build, test and optimize VoltDB applications.  VoltDB Studio complements a developer's chosen integrated development environment, providing database catalog browsing, ad hoc query tools and graphs that reveal key database performance metrics such as memory utilization, latency, transaction throughput and workload profiles.  VoltDB Studio helps developers to optimize their application databases prior to production deployment.

"Our customers and open source community users rely on VoltDB to manage high velocity transactional workloads and perform real-time analytics," said VoltDB CEO Scott Jarr.  "Organizations turn to VoltDB for applications requiring blazing throughput, linear scale and flawless fault tolerance.  VoltDB 2.0 adds important developer productivity features and allows organizations to deploy applications that deliver enterprise-grade recoverability in the presence of severe system failures."

Availability and Pricing

VoltDB 2.0 is available immediately.  VoltDB Enterprise Edition, which includes Command Logging and all other VoltDB 2.0 features, is priced starting at $US15k for a four-node cluster.  VoltDB Community Edition, which contains all VoltDB 2.0 features except for Command Logging, is available for free under the GNU General Public License (version 3).  All VoltDB software products, client libraries and documentation are available for download from the Company's website at www.voltdb.com.  

About VoltDB

Designed by DBMS pioneer Mike Stonebraker for organizations that have reached the price/performance limitations of general purpose SQL databases, VoltDB combines the proven power of relational processing with blazing speed, linear scalability and uncompromising fault tolerance.  VoltDB is the ideal database solution for high velocity database applications that require 100% accuracy and real-time analytics.

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