Vortex Connect launches Mobile Employee Connect to Deliver Full Mobilization of Workforce Management Software

Jan 08, 2010, 16:07 ET from Vortex Connect

TORONTO, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ - Vortex Connect today launched Mobile Employee Connect - software that allows businesses to reduce costs related to labor and timekeeping, increase scheduling and employee data efficiency and improve employee retention using smartphone-enabled technology.

Mobile Employee Connect provides a full suite of workforce management tools on any hand-held device (Blackberry, iPhone, Google Android, etc.). These tools allow employees to check schedule details, balance information (for example, number of vacation days remaining), make time off requests, punch in/out to an offsite location using GPS, provide their availability for scheduling purposes and trade shifts - all remotely using their smartphones.

"One of the great benefits of Mobile Employee Connect is that it completely automates high-frequency and high-value tasks," comments Neil Grunberg, VP of Sales and Marketing, "this reduces error, but more importantly frees up managers to spend more time managing."

Another major benefit of Mobile Employee Connect is the fact that there is an electronic audit trail for every action taken by an employee. "This gives management the ability to not only measure employee performance but also provides important evidence that is critical in the event of dismissal or the case of a union grievance," adds Grunberg.

Mobile Employee Connect is built to securely and seamlessly integrate into virtually any workforce management solution. "Our expertise is in building mobile workforce management technology and integrating into existing workforce management solutions," said Grunberg, "what this means for clients is quick implementation with minimal business disruption and the ability to show an ROI early on. Further, as the organization changes their mobile devices our system accommodates the change, preventing organizations from being pigeon-holed into a single device/model."

About Vortex Connect

Vortex Connect develops software solutions that allow businesses to manage their staff more effectively - driving significant cost savings, enhancing quality of customer service and increasing employee retention. Vortex Connect provides a full-suite of workforce automation and task management solutions that use mobile technology. Vortex Connect has partnered with a number of leading Workforce Management Companies. For more information, visit www.vortexconnect.com.

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