Vote iQ Launches Political Social Networking Site

Vote iQ empowers citizens and engages politicians

Jun 03, 2010, 21:00 ET from Vote iQ

SEATTLE, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Vote iQ, the nation's first major political social networking site, launched a sneak preview of its online platform at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York today. Vote iQ ( provides voters with rich content and access to politicians, candidates, interest groups, and current events, giving them a smarter way to interact politically.  The company already boasts a strong advisory board, including CNN commentator James Carville and political strategist Frank Luntz.

Vote iQ features include:

  • Matching technology to connect voters with candidates who reflect their views
  • Profiles of tens of thousands of politicians
  • Immediate interactions between constituents and politicians
  • Tools to help voters organize, protest, and attract attention to the causes they support
  • Even-handed analyses of the hottest topics in the news
  • Moderated debates between representatives from multiple parties
  • Points and awards for civic engagement

"This is an opportunity to empower voters to control the future of our country," noted CEO and founder Jim Tisch.  "The American people will be able to provide feedback directly to elected officials while learning about elections, pending legislation, and the news that affects them."

This product launch emerges on the heels of a new study that indicates approximately 85% of Americans do not trust government leaders – clearly a vital time for voter empowerment and engagement.

"Vote iQ educates the public about civic issues in a nonpartisan way and then gives them the tools to take charge of our democracy," added Vice President Rick Shenkman, best-selling author of Just How Stupid Are We.  "It makes civic engagement fun, interactive, and meaningful."

Vote iQ beta is available to the public today and already provides insight into elections from nine major swing states: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington. Join the conversation today on Vote iQ by visiting

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