Votility Launches Tracking Technology for Top Bills in Congress

Nation's 1st online political accountability service is 'tip of spear' for transparency in D.C.

Oct 25, 2010, 11:45 ET from Votility

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With the midterm elections set to turn things upside down inside the Beltway, Votility – the nation's first non-partisan, unbiased online voter service – has launched a new tracking technology that allows voters to understand and take action on the top legislation before Congress and the hottest issues in the media, giving them a revolutionary tool that ushers in a new era of transparency in D.C.

This new tool, called Bills in the News on the Votility website, allows voters to stay abreast of the most talked about and current bills before Congress – and vote on important legislation in real time, giving them greater political muscle than ever to make their voice heard and inspire real change for our nation.  It's the 'tip of the spear' in the battle to bring the people back to the Beltway.

Here are the powerful new tools in the digital revolution and virtual march on Washington's politics as usual:

  • Bills in the News – an aggregation tool that is a true first in American politics!  A highly-targeted service allowing the nation's voters to congregate in one place to learn, follow, take action and track the legislation important to America.   It highlights, in a non-partisan and unbiased way, the most relevant and current bills seen in the daily news and being debated before Congress, delivered without time consuming searches.
  • Auto Notify – allows users to opt-in to be notified if anything changes on the legislation that they are following, further honing Votility's groundbreaking service and creating the most efficient use of time for its users.  
  • User Comment section for users to deliver input to Washington, D.C. and the Votility team.  
  • A breaking Weekly E-mail Update directing users to district, state and national voting results for all the Bills in the News, national trends and a weekly calendar of upcoming votes in the House and Senate.

"With this first-of-its-kind political vehicle, Votility is arming Americans with the 'tip of the spear' to drive specific and focused messages on congressional bills, many times, before Congress votes on them," said Brent L. Willis, founder and chief executive officer of Votility.   "Votility, and specifically the Bills in the News, allows hundreds of thousands of voters, in districts across the country, to engage in issues of importance, all with one tool driving real time data to the politicians – it's a serious, game-changing political force."

Already, Votility is winning the race on accountability in America.  In just a month, the new service is setting a record pace heading into the November midterm elections.

In the first 45 days since the Votility launch, more than 36,000  voters have visited www.votility.com to immediately make their voice heard and see the results of their action in real-time – and so far, there's been a  whopping 20 percent capture rate, nearly six times the national average.

"Based on Votility's excellent conversion rates and traffic in these first few days, early enthusiasm around this service appears strong," said Kate O'Neill, chief executive officer and founder of [meta]marketer Inc., a marketing optimization and web analytics firm based in Nashville.  "Compared with overall conversion rates for other newly-launched projects, where you might see 3-5 percent of visitors register with a service, a 20 percent capture of visitors to registered users, particularly given the volume of traffic in the first few days, is quite impressive."

In addition, Votility's fast-paced web traffic has experienced 151,000 page views from more than 5,530 cities across the U.S. and 100 countries globally.   Top U.S. cities logging-in include New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Nashville, Tenn., Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Here's how Votility works, empowering voters across the country to deliver a loud, sustainable message to their U.S. Representatives and Senators – through the peoples' political voice:

  • Visit www.votility.com, and set-up a free account.
  • Instantly, voters will see a list of their specific representatives, and all contact information for them.
  • Voters can find out more about a bill by clicking on it – and a succinct summary will open, putting pertinent and valuable information right at their fingertips in real time!
  • Voters can follow the amendment process on bills and see their reps comments on any bill.
  • A robust, yet user-friendly, voting platform allows the voter a chance to vote "for" or "against" a bill.
  • Register your comments and views on legislation.
  • Click submit and all data, expressing the wishes of the voters in all district across America, is aggregated and sent to Washington to let  the people's voice be heard.

To grab your 'tip of the spear,' visit www.votility.com.  Check-out the new political video that Congress can't stop – the talk of the town in D.C.

About Votility

Votility, based in Nashville, Tenn., is a non-partisan, unbiased, non-party affiliated, real-time political accountability company specifically targeting three areas in American politics: education, communication and accountability. Market research has shown repeatedly that the American voter wants an easy, more efficient way to understand and track federal legislation.  Americans want a simple path, in addition to the electoral process, to communicate their views to their representatives in Washington.  Through technology, Votility satisfies these market needs and delivers a powerful, real-time tool to the American people. Votility is a company devoted to a simple mission: preserving the right to participate in a representative form of government granted to the people by the U.S. Constitution.  Make your vote heard by visiting www.votility.com, and make a real difference today.  Votility, The People's Political Voice!


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