VOWCH Launches Innovative App That Reshapes The Way Users Make And Discover Recommendations

Offers Users A Way To Creatively Express What They Like, Because No Two "Likes" Are The Same

Oct 21, 2013, 12:47 ET from VOWCH Commonwealth

NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Tippt Media, Inc. today announced the launch of VOWCH Commonwealth, an exciting new app available for iPhone and iPod touch. VOWCH allows users to creatively share interests and learn what friends and trendsetters are into through a steady stream of "vowches" (i.e. their "stamps of approval").

VOWCH lets users create compact interactive packages about each of their interests with the option to include a photo, description and media - including music and video.  VOWCH adds a competitive element, incentivizing users via a point system that rewards early adopters and those whose "vowches" drive the most interest. Users have the ability to capture points across multiple categories including music, tech, fashion, etc.  VOWCH also allows users to share content via Facebook and Twitter feeds.

"We wanted to build a platform that in 30 seconds or less allows you to quickly give your friends a rich picture of what you're into and a taste of why you're into it," says co-founder David Parker, who created the app along with his brother, Jeremy Parker, technologist Amir Ben-Sheffer, and entrepreneur Jesse Itzler, co-founder of Marquis Jet and early partner in Zico Coconut Water. "It's amazing how much cool stuff there is out there to discover.  But even when people like the same thing, they often like different aspects of it and have different reasons for liking it," Parker continued.

The easy-to-use app lets users create a post (i.e. a vowch) in seconds by simply typing in what you want to vowch for (brand of shoes, TV character, artist, etc.), then tapping on the appropriate category and choosing a cover photo (from your Camera app on iPhone or iPod touch, your photo album or Google Image) to represent the vowch.  Give vowches more dimension by adding a YouTube video, song track, link or map. And consuming the content is as easy as swiping the screen on your iPhone or iPod touch.

The founders of VOWCH have a successful track record of challenging conventional thinking.  Between them, they've disrupted the private jet industry, uniquely twisted the documentary genre while taking home the Audience Award at the Vail Film Festival for "One Per Cent," and pioneered new revenue models used by top YouTube stars.

The VOWCH App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.AppStore.com/VOWCH.


VOWCH is a new social media mobile application designed to allow users a creative and fun way to share their interests. VOWCH offers the unique ability to create compact, interactive packages to showcase your interests, allowing users to learn about everything their friends and trendsetters really like.  VOWCH incentivizes users through a point system, recognizing trendsetters and those with good taste, giving users the power to define cultural trends before they happen.


SOURCE VOWCH Commonwealth