VOXX Electronics Corp Expands Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Lines

Adds New, Cutting-Edge Event Recorder, Parking Sensors and Camera Technologies

Jan 06, 2014, 14:00 ET from VOXX International Corporation

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. and LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- LVCC, CENTRAL HALL, BOOTH 10404/10415 – VOXX Electronics Corp (VEC), a newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp. (NASDAQ: VOXX), announced that the Company is expanding its offerings in the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) category with the introduction of an innovative Driving Video Recorder (DVR), all new Multi-view Camera system and affordable add–on Parking Sensors solutions.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are designed to provide essential information and automate complex or repetitive tasks, leading to an overall increase in driver situational awareness and safety. With the push from government for greater on-the-road safety and ever-increasing interest from automakers and consumers to have innovative safety features, the ADAS market is considered one of the fastest growing segments in automotive electronics. According to recent industry reports, the global ADAS market will grow at a CAGR of 22.59 percent over the next 2 years. And among the major trends the market is seeing is the increasing deployment of ADAS in lower-cost cars and add-on aftermarket systems.

Tom Malone, President of VOXX Electronics Corp, commented, "The global market for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems has grown significantly in recent years, as automakers enhance the safety technologies in their vehicles based on marketplace and governmental demands. We were one of the first companies in the aftermarket to provide safety accessories as part of our product offerings and we now have an aggressive roadmap to expand the product offerings to grow our automotive business."

Malone continued, "On display at the show is our first DVR Event Recorder as well as an expanded line of parking sensors and new camera systems.  Looking ahead to 2014 we have several product plans in development that will expand our ADAS offerings into new categories such as lane departure products, blind spot detection and forward crash warning systems."

  • HD Driving Video Recorder (DVR): Positioned on the windshield just behind the rear view mirror, the VOXX DVR is always in stand by mode ready to record non-stop any event such as an accident or interesting, fun experiences during your travels.  Should you have an accident, the new DVR700 HD event recorder is always recording and the built in G sensors automatically lock the currently recorded section from 1 minute before to 3 minutes after the incident that triggered the system.  This ensures that the event cannot be erased or recorded over. The recording lock can also be triggered manually if the driver wants to capture something dangerous on the road or simply wants to ensure they save that recording for viewing at a later time. The system features a built-in rechargeable battery and supports Micro SD Cards up to 32Gb allowing up to 16 hours of continuous recording. Included is a cigarette lighter adapter and direct wire power cable with video output connection. The DVR700 HD delivers 720p resolution (1280*720) and is only 1.5" x 2.5" in size with a flat black finish to make it very discrete.
  • Parking Sensors: New lower-cost sensors have been developed to address the needs of the entry-level market. Advanced backup sensors feature 4 sensor systems for plastic bumper installation. The package includes sensors, cables, module, drill bit, and display or speaker. The Company's latest parking assist systems also come with the options of 4 sensors, buzzer and 18.5mm hole saw (PSB110) or 4 sensors, dual-color LED display and drill bit (PSB120 ). Both offerings feature a 7.5ft sensor wire and black paintable sensor. They can be used as 2-sensor systems; have a self-test function; and detachable sensor with waterproof connector.
  • Camera Systems: VOXX's latest Multi-view Backup and Import Style Backup Cameras provide greater versatility. Specifically, the Multi-view Backup Camera comes with more cutting-edge capabilities at a lower price than other offerings in the market. It features a selectable down, behind, wide, and split corner view. The camera also offers a digital 190-degree view and digital image correction which translates into a crisp, clear and straight picture at all angles. This versatile camera solution has 2 mounting systems – a VOXX patented license plate mount and surface mounting brackets– and is the only industry offering with a microphone and swappable mirror function. Additionally, the Import Style Backup Camera (CAM345) features 9 selectable parking lines; high resolution; waterproof housing; 160 degree wide view angle; selectable image – normal/reverse; low profile OEM style mount; and built-in microphone.

For more information about the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, please visit: www.audiovoxproducts.com.

For information on becoming a VOXX Electronics or an Advent Dealer in the US, email us at newaccounts@audiovox.com.

VOXX's latest ADAS solutions will be showcased at this week's International CES at the Company's booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center (Central Hall - #10404, #10415).

About VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC): VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), a leading, global supplier of mobile and consumer electronics products.  VEC is a recognized leader in the marketing of automotive entertainment, Location Based Services (LBS), rear observation systems, and vehicle security.  Its extensive distribution network includes power retailers and 12-volt specialists as well as nearly all of the major vehicle manufacturers ("OEMs"), both domestically and abroad.

VOXX Electronics possesses a strong brand portfolio and its products rank among the top ten in almost every category in which they sell. Primary brands include Audiovox®, Invision®, Jensen®, Car Connection, Omega®, Advent®, Code Alarm®, Prestige®, Pursuit® and Excalibur®. For additional information, please visit our Web site at www.audiovoxproducts.com.

About VOXX International Corporation: VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX) is the new name for Audiovox Corporation, a company that was formed over 45 years ago as Audiovox that has grown into a worldwide leader in many automotive and consumer electronics and accessories categories, as well as premium high-end audio.  Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, VOXX International proudly is recognized as the #1 premium loudspeaker company in the world, and has #1 market positions in automotive video entertainment and remote starts, digital TV tuners and digital antennas.  The Company's brands also hold #1 market share for TV remote controls and reception products and leading market positions across a wide-spectrum of other consumer and automotive segments.

Today, VOXX International is a global company…with an extensive distribution network that includes power retailers, mass merchandisers, 12-volt specialists and most of the world's leading automotive manufacturers.  The Company has an international footprint in Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America, and a growing portfolio, which now comprises over 30 trusted brands. Among the key domestic brands are Klipsch®, RCA®, Invision®, Jensen®, Audiovox®, Terk®, Acoustic Research®, Advent®, Code Alarm®, CarLink®, Excalibur®, Prestige®, and Pursuit®.  International brands Hirschmann Car Communication ®, Jamo®, Energy®, Mirage®, Mac Audio®, Magnat®, Heco®, Schwaiger®, Oehlbach® and Incaar™.  The Company continues to drive innovation throughout all of its subsidiaries, and maintains its commitment to exceeding the needs of the consumers it serves.  For additional information, please visit our Web site at www.voxxintl.com.  

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