VWO's State of the eCommerce Buyer Survey Reveals Online Shopper Cart Abandonment Driven by Unexpected Shipping Costs; Retargeting With Discounts Matters Most for Boosting Conversions

54 Percent of Online Shoppers Will Purchase the Products Left in Their Cart If Offered Again at a Discounted Price; 28 Percent Cite Unexpected Shipping Costs as Purchase Deterrent

Nov 10, 2014, 08:30 ET from Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

NEW DELHI, Nov. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), a leading A/B website testing solution used by thousands of marketers worldwide, today released results of a new study focused on the state of the eCommerce buyer. The report, "VWO eCommerce Survey 2014: Trends and Insights to Find and Convert Buyers," details the top purchase drivers and deterrents for today's online shoppers, taken from more than 1,000 respondents.

Key among the study's findings was the importance of retargeting to shoppers to complete transactions. According to the survey, 54 percent of shoppers say they will purchase products left in their cart, if they are offered again at a discounted price. Among Millennials (age 25-34), the number is significantly higher, at 72 percent.

VWO's study also details the top reasons for online shopping cart abandonment. Unexpected shipping costs were the top sales deterrent, preventing 28 percent of buyers from completing their purchases. The requirement for creating a new user account (23%), because people were only conducting research (16%) and payment security concerns (13%) were the next three reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

"Online shoppers are diverse and constantly changing," said Paras Chopra, CEO and founder, VWO. "Our intention with the report was to enable brands to better understand how people are spending money online, as well as the factors that affect their purchase behavior. In the highly competitive eCommerce marketplace, even a slight marketing misstep can be costly. When armed with consumer intelligence, marketers can insure that they're optimizing their websites and winning the conversion game."

The VWO report also details a juxtaposition for how influence and shopping intersect with social media for online shoppers. While 53 percent of Millennials say Facebook keeps them informed about the latest in online shopping, 74 percent of online shoppers do not share on social networks that they bought a product. Additionally, only 25 percent of Millennials, ages 18-24, and just 16 percent of all age groups will check out a product if their friend shares it on social. The key purchase driver for most online shoppers (55%), however, is reading product reviews before making online shopping decisions.

Mobile is increasingly popular for shopping online, especially for Millennials, according to VWO's report. 60 percent of Millennials have a shopping app installed on their mobile or tablet, significantly more than people of all ages (40%). Conversely, 60 percent of app downloads aren't used, as only a small portion of those who have the shopping apps are actually using them to make purchases.

To download the full report, please visit: http://resources.vwo.com/ecommerce-survey-2014

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