Wacom Announces New Interactive Pen Displays for Healthcare Professionals

DTU-2231 and DTU-1631 Provide Direct Pen-on-screen Workflow for Increased Efficiency and Productivity; DTU-2231 Serves as First HD Interactive Pen Display Aimed at Medical Industry

Feb 17, 2010, 08:00 ET from Wacom

VANCOUVER, Wash., Feb. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Providing streamlined and intuitive digital workflows within the medical industry, Wacom® has amplified the opportunity to increase production rates and comfort with the introduction of the DTU-2231 and DTU-1631 interactive pen displays. Offering the ultimate in control, the new DTU models' direct pen-on-screen input is designed to optimize efficiency and productivity by allowing healthcare professionals to draw diagrams, write notes or annotate directly on digital images.  

"Our goal is to positively impact, and elevate, the way people interact with their digital data," said Senior Wacom Product Manager, Stan Ueno. "With excellent resolution and widescreen formatting, the DTU-2231 and DTU-1631 raise the bar for medical professionals seeking higher levels of detail, accuracy and efficiency. This, combined with the vast array of other high-performance interactive pen display models offered by Wacom, provides medical professionals unlimited options to improve image editing, recordkeeping, education and more."

DTU-2231: First HD Interactive Pen Display for Radiology, EMR and Other Applications

Featuring a 21.5" widescreen LCD with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, the DTU-2231 allows radiologists, physicians and other medical professionals to contour directly on CT slices, take measurements of complex objects, highlight points of interest and make handwritten comments on a given image. The DTU-2231 increases control, accuracy and productivity in addition to providing users the ability to collaborate and share treatment plans electronically. This opens the door to improved communication between staff within the medical community. At a growing rate, healthcare professionals are combining Wacom's interactive pen technology with software applications such as Eclipse, Pinnacle and RealArt to experience up to a 60 percent decrease in time requirements for image contouring and radiation volume targeting. Moreover, Wacom interactive pen displays can be found at Oregon Health & Science University, Seattle's Swedish Medical Center and numerous other leading medical institutions.

The flexibility and ease-of-use inherent in the DTU-2231 also make it an ideal tool for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management. From reviewing and signing legally binding patient admission, insurance and consent forms to using the pen display as an educational tool during medical school, the DTU-2231 is an elite multi-tasking device for healthcare professionals.

DTU-1631: Fueling Efficiency for Medical Administrative Professionals

Created to accommodate professionals requiring advanced widescreen interactive pen display capabilities in a more compact form factor, the DTU-1631 makes the capture of EMR simple and fast for both healthcare professionals and patients. The more compact DTU-1631, a 15.6" LCD with a 1366 x 768 resolution, is a comfortable size for populating patient data such as signature capture for patient admission and consent.

"The natural and intuitive 'pen-on-paper' feel of the DTU-1631 paves the way for a paperless organization, allowing administrative professionals a cost-effective and streamlined way to work," continues Ueno.

Tier one healthcare organizations such as San Diego's Sharp HealthCare and Lennox Hill of New York employ Wacom interactive pen displays for hospital-patient administrative tasks and report measurable savings.

DTU-2231 and DTU-1631 Features Include:

  • Cordless, Battery-free Pen: With 512 levels of pressure sensitivity, the pen provides a tip switch, two customizable side switches, an eraser switch and tether hole  
  • Built-in USB Hub: With two user-accessible USB ports
  • Video Pass-Thru: DVI-I (digital or analog) input, DVI-I output and video scaler
  • Completely Flat Work Surface: 16:9 aspect ratio and adjustable stand; the DTU-2231 additionally offers anti-reflective treatment

Competitively priced, the Wacom DTU-2231 (USD $1,899 MSRP) and DTU-1631 (USD $1,249 MSRP) will be available for purchase in spring 2010. For additional details please visit www.wacom.com.

About Wacom

Founded in 1983, Wacom®'s vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies has made it the world's leading manufacturer of digital human interface solutions. Wacom revolutionized the nature of digital input when it introduced its family of interactive pen displays, allowing users to work with a pressure-sensitive pen directly on screen. Today, thousands of medical, GIS, design and other professionals count on Wacom interactive pen displays to deliver superior control and productivity to their workflow.  Visit www.wacom.com for more information.

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