Wanda to integrate Frame Health's personality assessment to advance consumer engagement and care plan adherence

Machine learning meets proven behavioral science

Feb 25, 2016, 08:24 ET from Wanda

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Frame Health Inc. and Wanda™ Inc., announced today that Wanda will integrate the Frame Health personality assessment tool into its consumer-facing app. Wanda is committed to empowering individuals and their care providers to enjoy the most effective and productive experiences together.  When such events occur, outcomes often improve, fewer complications occur and cost efficiencies are gained. Committed to prescriptive inline analytics, Wanda is bringing the Frame Health personality assessment into Wanda's consumer-facing app to not only deepen the value of predictive risk profiles, but to actually deliver individualized adherence plans that transform patients into informed, empowered and activated participants.

Leveraging the world's largest personality database, the Frame Health assessment requires only six minutes of the patient's time to provide health care professionals with powerful insights that quickly and accurately segment patients to identify potentially non-adherent individuals. More importantly, the assessment reliably guides the care team towards tailoring each patient's treatment approach to improve care plan adherence. The platform stimulates empathy and uses each person's unique personality profile to generate specific recommendations that enable care givers to optimize individualized communication with each patient.    

"Patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans are the keys to improving outcomes for millions of patients and reducing healthcare costs," said Bruce Ettinger, CEO of Frame Health. "Wanda has delivered remarkable reductions in hospital readmission rates. With Frame Health, Wanda will be able to drive readmission rates even lower by leveraging our technology to individually tailor each patient engagement. The integration of the Frame Health and Wanda platforms will provide caregivers with a rich, validated personality profile for each patient and recommendations on exactly how to improve adherence. The result will be enhanced patient-provider communication and compelling treatment plans that patients will engage with and adhere to."

Wanda's digital health platform connects the consumer and the clinical care team in a virtual network, intelligently collects critical vital and symptom information, and applies proven machine learning analytics to deliver ongoing risk analysis and decision support. Individuals are equipped to take better care of themselves and clinicians are able to more efficiently engage with those consumers when they need the most assistance to maintain a high quality of life at home.

"We are excited to work with Frame Health to enhance the functionality and value of the Wanda platform," said Steve Curd, CEO of Wanda. "Like Frame Health, Wanda is committed to applying the latest science to predict risk, enhance outcomes and personalize care. Frame's personality assessment tools and actionable recommendations for effectively communicating with consumers will not only improve the adherence of individuals with a chronic condition, it will also lead to a reduction in costly hospital admissions and improve care provider satisfaction."

The Wanda solution includes the unique easy-to-use Wanda app running on a smart phone or tablet. The app regularly interacts with an individual to simultaneously capture symptom information and to detect important vital sign measurements. Collected data is securely stored and analyzed on Wanda's cloud-based analytics platform, which utilizes machine learning to help individuals manage their health issues. Should intervention by a healthcare professional be required, Wanda identifies the appropriate provider to guide an appropriate intervention, avoiding potential deterioration of the individual's health condition that could result in disruptive and costly hospitalization.

About Frame Health

Frame Health's cloud-based platform enables healthcare and solution providers to deliver long term, intimate, personalized engagement that enhances patient care and significantly lowers healthcare costs. Frame Health allows providers to know where their patients are headed and how to positively modify their trajectory. With exclusive healthcare rights to the world's largest personality database, Frame Health platform generates validated, highly detailed patient psychological profiles for the first time. Treatments plans are then modified based upon the patient's own personality characteristics into versions that have more relevance to the patient and generate higher levels of adherence.
For more information, visit www.framehealth.com.  

About Wanda

San Francisco-based Wanda is dedicated to advancing the effectiveness and efficiency of medicine by using machine learning in place of conventional technologies and by enabling clinicians to make more informed care decisions. Wanda recognizes that remote monitoring and algorithms cannot save lives or reduce hospitalizations unless the individual and their caregivers are promptly informed and highly engaged. Through the collaboration of data science and applied medical research, Wanda has proven that its inline analytics predict preventable events much better than conventional methods. Wanda serves as a diligent companion, providing encouragement and intelligent visual guidance that simplifies and improves lives, while simultaneously helping organizations reduce their care delivery costs. Wanda is a NetScientific portfolio company.  Information about Wanda can be found at www.yourwanda.com

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