Wanglaoji Dazzles the Big Screen, Joining Revelry at Times Square

Jan 05, 2016, 09:00 ET from Wanglaoji

NEW YORK, Jan. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 31, when the bell rang at the end of 2015, when the crowd shouted loudly during the final countdown, when the joy of New Year's Eve was about to arrive, Wanglaoji, a Chinese herbal tea brand with a hundred years of history, dazzled New York Times Square. "Chinese symbol" Wanglaoji offered the first sound of greetings to the people of the world at the "crossroads of the worlds." As the top Chinese brand to appear in such a manner on a world-wide stage, Wanglaoji was particularly noticeable at New York Times Square.

Coordinating its Time Square's debut from afar, during the New Year, Wanglaoji has made several other big moves in order to create a unique and auspicious "Ji" culture atmosphere, including the lighting of the beautiful Guangzhou Tower, the successful bid for CCTV New Year's prime advertising and the appearance of New Year's advertising at Beijing Capital International Airport, Guangzhou Railway Station and other key cities in China.

Wanglaoji will use its debut at New York Times Square to accelerate the pace of internationalization

In recent years, from the earliest national image films, to the appearance of Chinese leading brands, New York Times Square has become an important platform for Chinese enterprises to bolster their brand images. This time, Wanglaoji's remarkable landing at Times Square is believed by insiders to be a significantly international "good start." It also conveys an idea that Wanglaoji, as a brand full of "Chinese culture genes", has achieved an efficient output of brand culture through the international metropolis platform.

As we all know, Times Square is known for being "the crossroads of the world." Debuting at Times Square in 2016 as the top Chinese herbal tea brand is a strong signal from Wanglaoji that it will be entering the international market.

In China, Wanglaoji has become the leading Chinese herbal tea brand, and for the international market, Wanglaoji has made an essential move by striving to make Wanglaoji, a national brand, into a world-class brand. In 2015, encouraged by "the Belt and Road" and "Sea Silk Road" strategies, Wanglaoji completed the strategic layout for its internationalization. The marketing video "celebrate auspicious New Year, please drink Wanglaoji from China" will be played at Times Square, which will further promote herbal tea culture.

According to statistics, Wanglaoji is sold in more than 6 million sales outlets, covering major provinces in the country and five continents around the world. With the further implementation of international strategy, the herbal tea culture will gradually go deeper and the product will integrate and enjoy popular support from people all over the world.

Wanglaoji gets popular online among the young generation

In addition to the Times Square campaign, Wanglaoji thinks outside the box and has created an interesting revelry with young fans on social media. Wanglaoji interacts with fans via "I help Wanglaoji become the top stories in New Year" on Weibo. The followers have brainstormed a variety of creative and interesting topics, as well as fantastic pictures and videos etc. Many of them are jokes and cute spoofs making Wanglaoji quickly become the focus of everyone's attention.

Weibo and WeChat are full of vitality and creativity, which are believed to be the most widely used platforms among the young in China today. Wanglaoji can see what others cannot. By celebrating the New Year with the young demographic, it reflects the brand is full of rejuvenation and the thinking of Internet+. With the continued increase in the number of active fans, the brand images of "luckiness" and "auspiciousness" get deeper and deeper in the minds of young people.

National brand goes to the world, which illustrates a "good start" of 2016

With the rapid development of China's economy and the encouragement of "the Belt and Road" strategy, Wanglaoji, as a brand with long history and profound culture, has achieved great success in many aspects of production, marketing, brand and judicial activities.

On New Year's Eve 2016, Wanglaoji landed at the "crossroads of the world" New York Times Square. It is a signal of Chinese culture being more recognized internationally, and proof of the growing popularity of Chinese traditional herbal tea culture. This reveals the confidence of Wanglaoji in the international market in 2016, and it has a good start in the marketing for 2016.

One of Wanglaoji's officials said, "Wanglaoji, a brand with long history and profound culture, went abroad during the New Year and showed unique herbal tea culture to the world." Nowadays, Chinese traditional enterprises are accelerating their transformation and upgrading to embrace the world. Wanglaoji's landing at Times Square is a celebration of Chinese brands' international images and brand strengths. In 2016, Wanglaoji will further accelerate its internationalization. The journey of Wanglaoji going abroad will boost the popularity of herbal tea culture worldwide.

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