Want Your Ride to Make an Impression? Go Green with MPG Car Rental

The unexpected but welcome trend among the image conscious: automobiles that don't pollute

Jul 01, 2013, 14:51 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- To those who came of age before the Internet, it was pretty straightforward to show up to an event looking cool. The keys to making a splash in those days were simply speed and noise. Today, however, the hybrid car rental selection at MPG Car Rental includes the hottest, trendiest machines on the road, many of which barely make a sound. We can all remember when a hybrid rental was good for the eco-conscious, but no help when it came to your cool-factor. Today, with choices including some of the most headline grabbing models—most specifically the Tesla Model S rental— and all-electric choices making an even bigger splash, it's obvious that ecology is on people's minds. But you don't have to sacrifice performance anymore, and MPG Car Rental's service from their incredibly friendly staff will make sure that you don't turn to any other car hybrid rental in Los Angeles.

It goes without saying, the Tesla S is simply the coolest car on the road right now. Turning the clock backward to the early part of this century, you may recall the EV1, a fine machine for its time. However, some aspects of electric car design were inexplicably hard on the eyes. Why, for instance, did covered wheel-wells need to advertise your eco-friendliness? It was as if you needed your car to seem like it came from a utopian future untroubled by the pursuit of good looks. This was widely cited as a primary reason the electric car was dismissed as a failed experiment. When the Tesla came along, with its sleek looks and mercifully exposed wheel-wells, it blew our notions of the eco-friendly car out of the water.

Today, if you want to show up at a Hollywood Blvd. night club, or make a powerful impression on the others at a business meeting, show up in a Tesla from MPG Car Rental. Affordable fees combined with flexible drop-off options make this rental as easy to reserve as it is to charge. Nonetheless, it's the look and performance of the Tesla S that makes this a must-have rental. With the sleekness and style of the best Italian and German models on the market, the Tesla S has the performance you want, as well as the range you can expect from a gas-powered car at 265 MPC (miles per charge).

Even when you're looking for something a notch or two down in price from the Tesla, the all-green fleet at MPG Car Rental won't let you down. With the Jetta TDI clean diesel, the engine that's incredibly popular in Europe and slowly breaking the American market can be tested out.  The trendy Chevy Volt and Prius plug-in hybrids may be more conventionally styled eco-friendly vehicles, but they're still head-turners for those who know what's cutting edge.

If you need answers about eco-friendly car rental, there's nothing you can't ask the staff at MPG Car Rental. Stop in in person and meet the friendliest most knowledgeable staff at any rental agency working today. Alternatively, you can check out your rental options at www.MPGCarRental.com.

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