War Reporter Alex Quade's "Becoming A Green Beret" Video: How Special Forces 'Train, Advise, Assist' -- Which Is What They'll Do In Syria

Nov 10, 2015, 06:00 ET from Military Media Group

WASHINGTON, Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The White House is sending Special Operations Forces to Syria to "train, advise and assist" Syrian rebels against ISIS. This is a core mission for the Green Berets. In her video exclusive, freelance war reporter Alex Quade shows you how Special Forces perform this specific type of mission where they must build rapport with guerrilla leaders and help indigenous forces in their fight – the very same type of mission they'll now perform in Syria. Watch the exclusive video at: www.alexquade.com

Alex Quade, a two-time Edward R. Murrow Award-winning reporter, went to Fort Bragg's John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School in North Carolina for 2-weeks, to cover and train with Army Special Forces students trying to earn the coveted Green Beret and Special Forces tab. Ms. Quade, who embeds with Operational Detachment Alphas, or "A-Teams," in Iraq and Afghanistan – embedded this time with student A-Teams stateside. The critically acclaimed combat correspondent participated in the war game scenario for their Special Forces qualification course called Robin Sage, where the candidates must put their unconventional warfare training to the test.   

Robin Sage is the world's foremost unconventional warfare exercise. It tests Special Forces students as they support guerrilla forces in the fictional country of "Pineland." It's staged over 15-counties in North Carolina; more than 1,000-people – instructors, volunteers, and civilian authorities – participate. Watch the video at: www.alexquade.com

Alex Quade covered this core Green Beret mission, on the advice of a Special Forces company major, whose A-Teams Quade embedded with in Diyala Province, Iraq 2007–2009.  

"If you can manage an unconventional warfare campaign within the political, military and cultural boundaries of the 'Pineland' scenario," Major Derek Jones explained during an interview with Ms. Quade in Iraq in 2007, "Then you can handle any unconventional warfare or foreign internal defense situation in the world."   

Alex Quade covers U.S. Special Operations Forces on combat missions. Extreme storytelling and silent risk-taking lie at the heart of what she does. Quade started her career at the White House; she's worked for CNN, FOX, HLN, CNNI, The New York Times, and The Washington Times. Hollywood is releasing a film about her, called, "Danger Close: The Alex Quade Story," in 2016.

Watch the exclusive video at: www.alexquade.com

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