Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. is at the Forefront of the Safe Treatment of Powerful Acids

Los Angeles area manufacturer presents leading edge solutions for the management of acid compounds

Apr 15, 2013, 13:49 ET from Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, April 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether you're dealing with heavy metal removal or with altering the pH of highly acidic liquids safely, Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. is a leading edge provider of efficient systems that make the industrial process safer and more profitable. That's especially true when it comes to the appropriate treatment of powerful acids.

A highly concentrated liquid such as 98% sulfuric acid is less expensive to transport and hold than more dilute substances because of its reduced weight and storage space, and it is often also safer for operators to use. However, it obviously presents real challenges in terms of pH adjustment and the general safe handling of liquids before, during, and after use.  An innovator in the field of process integrators for more than 25 years, Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. has developed an acid blending and pH adjustment system that can properly adjust the concentration of even very powerful acids so that they can be used for industrial purposes.  

Once the acid has been used, Wastech is also there to ensure that the resulting liquids can be safely and legally disposed of. Not surprisingly, the higher the concentration of acid, the more involved is the treatment process. The bottom line, however, is that Wastech systems are able to transform water that is as much as 30% sulfuric acid to a pH level close enough to 7 (the pH level of pure water) to be released into the environment. Typically acceptable pH levels are between 6 and 9. (1 constitutes the strongest possible acid; 14 constitute the most severely astringent base.) Neutralization systems are available in continuous and batch configurations.

One important issue in the neutralization system is that highly acidic compounds may be highly exothermic and give off a great deal of heat in the course of neutralizing liquids. Wastech provides outstanding heat removal systems, including heat exchangers as well as either facility systems or, when those are not feasible, package utility systems.

Releasing water only when its pH has been adjusted to a safe level is crucial for a number of reasons. Even relatively mild acidic water endangers the local environment on a number of levels. It can damage the reproductive systems and overall health of local wildlife. It can also harm indigenous trees and damage important structural elements of the environment, such as sewers.  The damage can actually cause sewers to leak, resulting in a number of hazards that are not hard to imagine, including the potentially life threatening contamination of public areas. Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. understands the importance of its work to both client companies and their neighbors and it is committed to providing the highest level of security in terms of dealing with acidic waste water. 

For more information about Wastech, please call the company's Chatsworth, California plant at 818-998-3500 or e-mail sales@wastechengineering.com.

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