Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. Provides Cutting-Edge Waste Management Solutions

Advances in technology have led to notable security and efficiency enhancements in the world of water waste treatment and process management.

Jul 02, 2013, 18:13 ET from Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The field of water and waste treatment is never stagnant, but in recent years, many companies have found it harder than ever to keep up. Fortunately for engineers, chemists and other treatment and pH adjustment professionals, Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. has remained at the cutting-edge with their industrial fabricating and water recycling system, among other products and services.

One clear example of the effectiveness of the instruments at Wastech Engineering is their quality pump control panel selection. As a CSIA Certified Control System Integrator, Wastech builds UL-labeled panels with CAD wiring diagrams, labeled and color-coded wiring, and quality components. In short – the workmanship put into a Wastech control panel is unequaled in the industry.

pH adjustment systems from Wastech also stand as industry leaders in acid neutralization. Cutting-edge features like software that monitors chemical consumption and anticipates problems by watching neutralization efficiency. Meanwhile, their OMEGA industrial acid waste treatment systems can be monitored remotely or by the user's own supervisory system in the plant.

When working with acid neutralization, or almost any industrial processes, one size doesn't fit all, and in flexibility, Wastech is once again ahead of the competition. Their two-stage, 20 gpm OMEGA neutralization is fitted with an ultrasonic transmitter mounted on flanged pipe extension with dual metering pumps and splash-guard tubing. Meanwhile, its chemical day tank is double contained on a reinforced PP platform with ¾" PP containment and brackets for floor mounting and forklift access.

For those with experience in the fields of process integration and water waste management, the skill with which the Wastech team works should come as no surprise. Since 1986, Wastech Engineering has been the industry leader in the field of process integrators, including pH neutralization, pump lift stations, pump skids, chemical mixing and chemical batching. Today, they offer custom design and engineering of cutting-edge turnkey systems in the area of fluid/chemical handling and process automation for large and small projects alike. Furthermore, their services extend to efficient and cost-effective custom systems to meet the needs of educational facilities as well as private industry.

Though an overhaul of outdated systems may seem like an expensive proposition, with Wastech Engineering, it doesn't have to be. The increased safety for maintenance workers, stronger profits and less risk ensure the investment will pay for itself in almost no time at all. In short, at Wastech Engineering, you won't have to worry about surprises or cost overruns. If you're looking for state-of-the-art process and automation systems that will ensure your projects come in on time, on budget and with maximum efficiency, contact Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. today. For more information, please call the company's Chatsworth, California plant at 818-998-3500 or e-mail sales@wastechengineering.com.

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