Water From Air In Your Engine - Drink & Drive‏ With Steam

Sep 20, 2013, 17:19 ET from Enviro Tectane

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Even though steam had existed for so long, total oil and gas consumption dominated and controlled energy since the beginning of the automobile. In 1946 the Society of Automotive Engineers released test paper 215-216 showing that alcohol and water injection could replace 40% of oil and gas, while making engines last up to 50% longer, with the clean steam effects of water injection.

Oil propaganda immediately released reports that water injection caused flame quenching propagation that would reduce efficiency. Later reports claimed that alcohols caused engine damage. No mention was made that inhibitors were available to protect the engines or that the flame issue, was only if too much water was injected. Most people know that a small amount of water on a fire makes steam. Too much extinguishes the fire.

Nevertheless, even though former farmer US president Jimmy Carter signed the Alcohol Energy Security Act in 1980 and the Canadian Prime Minister signed the Alternative Fuels Act in 1996, the Oil Industry limited the blending of Ethanol Alcohol to 10%. It was classified as GASOHOL. AQUAHOL which is the total conversion to alcohol and water injection has been avoided since 1946.

Meanwhile, since drinking water has become a major concern for the world, our company has developed a system to recycle and capture the water created from the combustion AIR - FUEL ratio. This 14.7 air to 1 fuel = 1.4 gallons of distilled water per gallon of fuel burnt, regardless whether it is gasoline or alcohols (ethanol or methanol).

Unfortunately, even though drinking water is now crucial to the world and energy alternatives are urgently needed, the same Oil Industry is avoiding its implementation. Fortunately, the auto industry has finally implemented the original Flex Fuel engines that Henry Ford offered on his Model T. The difference is that his was manually adjusted and now a computer oxygen sensor controlled modem automatically achieves the same results.

So what happens now? How does the world convert from oil and gas to alcohol and water? Some might say, when there is no more drinking water or oil to burn. That could happen in the future, with all the water shortages worldwide and the oil wars in the Middle East. Yet, the most probable strategy is the WALMART CONCEPT. It must be cheaper. We now have that possibility. The world's largest supplier of Methanol Alcohol is selling Methanol for $1.65 dollars per gal. Methanol can be produced from Natural Gas as the Methanex Corp. does, or it can be made from the Methane Gas of Garbage or the Gasification of Coal Mines. America has one of the largest supplies of Coal Mines, along with Russia.

Why AQUAHOL? Even though Methanol is cheap and cleaner than gasoline, it has 50% less energy BTU. Water Injection and a fuel reduction regulator return the loss with CLEAN STEAM.

For an illustration of how Aquahol works, see YouTube - What is Aquahol?

Distilled Water produced from engine Air Fuel Ratio 14.7-1 = 1.4 gallons of air water per gallon of fuel burnt. Fuel can be gasoline or alcohol methanol or ethanol. Van equipped to burn either with steam from recycled air water system. Engine also has fuel regulator to burn 25-50% LESS FUEL since STEAM is being used for compression.

This revolutionary invention can now supply water to the world from air while cleaning the air and SAVING FUEL.

See www.aquahol-injection-inc.com & www.LeanFuelsCorp.net 

For more details check YouTube What is Aquahol?

The company also offers fuel ethanol from cost effective sweet sorghum or cheap methanol from garbage, coal mine methane gas or from natural gas processed to methanol. It cost only $1.65 PER GALLON.



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