Water2Save Defends Its Reputation

Jun 27, 2013, 15:40 ET from Water2Save

SAN DIEGO, June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Los Angeles Times and 640 AM KFI radio released a story this month damaging Water2Save's reputation by inferring Water2Save had acted improperly with regards to a Central Basin MWD contract.

Gary Gelinas, Water2Save's CEO, said "this irresponsible reporting failed to give the public the truth about Water2Save's patented technology, high standards of business ethics, and its stellar reputation in delivering verified metered water savings of over 1.2 billion gallons for properties here in California.  They have yet to report the truth from the 160 page legal report which cleared Water2Save regarding the bidding process for a Central Basin MWD contract that was never awarded."

Last year, the LA Times quoted an anonymous e-mail distributed by a Water2Save competitor, alleging misconduct in the Central Basin bidding process.  That story was found to be untrue by investigators.  No retraction was made by the LA Times.

Gelinas said, "instead of reporting the positive environmental impact that Water2Save has had over the past 12 years in Southern California, the LA newspaper and radio station ran a harmful story about my company without giving us a chance to respond before releasing it to the public."

Interestingly, the LA Times facility in Chatsworth had signed a $5,000 contract with Water2Save in 2003 for its wireless water management services.

LA Dept of Water and Power paid for the installation of Water2Save's equipment and first year of service at the LA Times facility as part of a utility sponsored conservation project.  Metered data showed over 7 million gallons of potable water was saved.

Apparently, the LA Times management did not see the value of water conservation in drought ridden Southern California and decided to stop Water2Save service even after significant net dollar savings over 2 year period was realized on their water bills.

Gelinas said, "Water2Save's reliable water savings performance has been fully documented in the California Public Utilities Commission report on Embedded Energy in Water Pilot Program as well as many similar programs sponsored by LA Department of Water and Power, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California."

"Water2Save has an impeccable record and years of experience in delivering large water and energy savings as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced water bills for property owners with large landscapes."

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