WDET Launches 'STAR' Program to Support Arts and Culture in Detroit

Jan 04, 2010, 06:00 ET from WDET

Station to spotlight cultural nonprofit organizations at no charge

DETROIT, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- WDET 101.9FM has launched a new arts and culture initiative called the "STAR" program, an acronym for Support The Arts, to provide support to nonprofit cultural organizations in Southeast Michigan. Specifically, WDET's STAR program will spotlight, through free on-air promotion and announcements, two organizations each month that promote and nurture the artistic landscape of metro Detroit.

All nonprofit arts organizations can apply, but WDET will reserve opportunities for organizations with annual operating budgets of $500,000 or less. According to WDET General Manager J. Mikel Ellcessor, modest budgets typically prohibit small arts and cultural organizations from devoting substantial resources to marketing or public relations.

"Small arts-oriented nonprofits often rely solely on word-of-mouth to get their name out, depend on a dedicated repeat audience to fill seats at events, and find themselves continually operating at the margin in spite of the fact that the region's cultural community is highly diverse, very energized and of extraordinary quality," Ellcessor said.

He emphasized that these limitations, which are exacerbated by the inherent challenges in fundraising for the arts, make WDET's STAR program invaluable in helping cultural organizations reach a wider audience than otherwise would be possible.

Participating organizations will be selected by WDET staff from applications received online at www.wdet.org. WDET will work with the arts organization selected to craft on-air messages using 30-second spots, as well as longer, produced sonic pieces -- which use sound to help tell a story -- and a possible interview on WDET's Craig Fahle Show.

"WDET embraces its responsibility to encourage the knowledge and growth of metro Detroit's arts and cultural scene," Ellcessor added. "We want to make it easier for arts lovers and arts organizations to find each other."

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