"We Found the Garden of Eden" Shares Published Author Delroy Marshall

Delroy Marshall, author of Adam and Eve Were Not Naked, shares his inspirational and uplifting message about faith and the Garden of Eden.

Dec 08, 2015, 07:33 ET from Delroy Marshall

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Delroy Marshall, author of Adam and Eve Were Not Naked, shares his inspiration and uplifting message about faith and the Garden of Eden. Marshall believes that the true Garden of Eden is the Earth - the ground in which all people are all connected and from which everything grows.

"Pick up a hand full of dirt and everything you need is in your hand," says Marshall. "Everything that a man could possibly desire, God put it in the ground for him to work and attain. Being on Earth, we are in the Garden of Eden, connected to all and everything it has to offer."  

Marshall notes that to most people a garden is a piece of land adjoining a house that is used to grow fruits and vegetables. But the Garden of Eden is completely different from typical man made gardens. Marshall noted that in Genesis 2:8, the scripture indicates that it was God who planted the Garden of Eden. He then put Adam and subsequently all people in his garden to work the ground.

The true Garden of Eden, the paradise, is not something hidden from all but rather comes out of the Earth and is essentially the whole Earth, shared and enjoyed by the whole of its population. Not only does this garden grow fruits and vegetables, Marshall believes, but also everything civilization knows including today's common conveniences such the homes people live in including their furniture and appliances, sheets and pillows, and knives and forks. Transportation methods such as cars, planes, trains and the energy to fuel them such as oil and gas all come from the Earth as well. Even such things as plastics, ceramics, steel, brick, cement, roads and even money have sprung from the Earth, the true Garden of Eden.

Backing up his belief, Marshall notes that Moses, the author of Genesis, refers to Earth as a garden because everything on the face of the Earth comes out of the ground. In John 15: 1-2, Christ refers to his father as a gardener. In Ezekiel 28:13, the bible refers to Eden as the Garden of God, and Marshall believes that God is the one who provides everything out of the ground. That is the reason the Earth is called the Garden of Eden.  

Marshall challenges his readers to think about everything and everyone they are connected to in this garden. He asks people as they are driving or even walking around a city and notice the tall buildings and embellishments, to remember that it has all come out of and is a part of the Garden of Eden. Marshall further challenges his readers to think that if God gave people this much as sinners, can the collective consciousness consider what He provided for Adam and Eve out of the ground? No, Marshall believes, most cannot conceive of such blessings.  


Delroy Marshall is the author of Adam and Eve Were Not Naked, a nonfiction book, which was featured in the December 22, 2006 issue of Allure Magazine. Marshall writes about a number of topics related to faith and understanding the bible, all of which can be found on his YouTube channel.  

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