Wealth-X Launches Online Business Development Tool

Leading Intelligence Firm Provides Online Access to World's Wealthiest

Oct 07, 2010, 14:45 ET from Wealth-X

NEW YORK, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Wealth-X, the world's leading wealth intelligence firm, today launched its online business development tool, the most in-depth and actionable compilation of information ever created on the world's ultra-wealthy.

Wealth-X's online tool, available only to Wealth-X members, provides specialized, curated intelligence on thousands of ultra-high net worth individuals, including those in the United States, China, Singapore and India. Each online profile includes information on an individual's net worth, liquidity, income, passions, hobbies, philanthropic tendencies, political affiliations, known associates and service providers. This insight empowers Wealth-X members to identify prospects, qualify potential clients, connect with and win new relationships with the world's wealthiest.

"Personal connections are essential to closing business, making a member's ability to identify prospects tied to their own existing relationships and interests paramount to growing their book of business," says Wealth-X CEO, Mykolas Rambus. "Wealth management professionals look for every connection they can identify around an ultra-high net worth prospect. That includes scouring corporate boards, social clubs, service providers and philanthropic foundations—a time-consuming, expensive process. The Wealth-X tool connects all the dots to create intelligence that ensures our members capitalize on every valuable opportunity."

"There is no substitute for crisp, accurate, actionable intelligence for wealth managers looking to grow their assets under management," says David Friedman, Executive Vice President of Strategy for Wealth-X. "Having a deep understanding of an ultra-high net worth individual's passions and hobbies, wealth allocation and family structure can mean the difference between landing new clients and losing them to a competitor. Our members conduct free text searches within our tool, allowing them to create a future client list, by using search factors including asset classes, sources of wealth and liquidity."

In addition to its online intelligence and prospecting tool, Wealth-X provides members with on-demand, customized dossiers on prospective ultra-high net worth clients. These dossiers provide penetrating insight into an individual that is often the tipping point for successful meetings, helping members win new business by accelerating their ability to develop trust with a potential client.


Wealth-X is the global leader in helping private wealth managers increase assets under management. With two member-only offerings, an online research tool and on-demand dossiers, Wealth-X provides qualified prospects and intelligence on ultra-high-net worth individuals and the privately held-companies they control. Led by former editors of the Forbes rich lists, the Wealth-X research team is the authority on collecting and analyzing information about ultra-high net worth individuals, their wealth, income, passions, philanthropies, interests, affiliations, politics, advisors, families and biographies. For more information visit www.wealth-x.net.