Weatherproof® Warms America...One Governor at a Time

Jun 17, 2010, 12:51 ET from Weatherproof

NEW YORK, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Weatherproof® has continued their political initiative by sending their best selling jacket to governors across the country.  Each governor has received the same jacket that President Obama wore during his visit to the Great Wall of China.

The response from these national leaders was very positive and forthcoming.  For example, Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia said that he was "...surprised to receive the handsome Weatherproof® jacket..." and that he would enjoy it for years to come.  He continued, "…it is handsome and stylish, and I can only imagine how warm and comfortable it will feel when winter comes..."  

Last month, the company also received letters from such leaders as Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy, ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown of England, Prime Minister Yves Leterme of Belgium, and a very personal reply from President Sarzoky in France, after sending him the same jacket.  

"Celebrity endorsements are becoming tired," according to Freddie Stollmack, president of Weatherproof®.  "Political candidates, dressed smartly, will become the next celebrities."

Weatherproof® will be meeting next week with the Huffington Post to discuss partnering on an upcoming survey that deals with style vs. substance.

Allen Cohen



SOURCE Weatherproof