Web Developer Caxy Helps International Code Council (ICC) Improve Member Participation, Collaboration in Code Development Process

App Allows ICC Members to Propose Solutions, Provide Input without Attending Hearings

Dec 05, 2013, 12:00 ET from Caxy

CHICAGO, Dec. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Caxy, a leading web consulting and application development company, today announced the launch of a custom-built app for the International Code Council (ICC), an organization that develops model codes used throughout the US and abroad to design and construct safe, sustainable structures and ensure compliance with safe building standards. More than a year in the making, the new app will make it easier for all ICC members to collaborate and contribute to code development initiatives.

As building standards evolve, ICC members work together to develop new codes, ultimately adopting changes and new standards via biannual hearings. But since the organization has about 50,000 geographically dispersed members, attending hearings in person simply wasn't possible for everyone who wanted to participate. Dominic Sims, CBO and ICC's CEO, began working with his board and stakeholders to look for a web-based approach that would expand members' opportunity to provide input. After evaluating several competitors, Sims and his team chose Caxy to develop an app that would allow ICC members to remotely participate in code development projects and hearings.

"Caxy's approach offered the best of both worlds," Sims remarked. "There's a lot of value in our face-to-face hearings, which the Caxy app preserves while also opening up new ways for members to collaborate and contribute. The app is available now, and members can use it to review and submit new proposals for our upcoming hearing through January 10, 2014. The app allows members who can't attend a hearing to directly participate in the development process."

The intuitive new ICC app that Caxy developed allows members to create new code proposals and collaborate with colleagues worldwide to change proposals. Members will be able to use the app to participate in committee hearings – no matter where members are located. As ICC takes final actions on proposals during the biannual hearings, members will have the option to attend in person or participate online, reviewing proposals, providing input and voting.

Creating the new app was a complex undertaking because of the sheer volume of data involved: ICC maintains approximately 4,000 pages of codes, which needed to be digitalized and placed in an online repository so members could easily access them from the app. Caxy worked closely with the ICC team to identify hundreds of requirements and create priorities, kicking off the project with the digitalization of green building codes.

"ICC does incredibly important work, and we've enjoyed working with Dominic and his team to level the playing field in the code development process, giving more people access to make contributions," said Caxy founder Michael LaVista. "By identifying requirements thoroughly upfront and mapping out the key steps in a logical way, we've created an intuitive app that will make a complex process flow more smoothly while significantly broadening participation.

Caxy has a unique, down-to-earth approach to working with clients. The team listens to customers to thoroughly understand their business needs, discusses possible solutions without all the technical jargon and provides a transparent, step-by-step development plan. Once everyone agrees on next steps, Caxy and the customer team work together to create and implement new solutions that help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively. Find out more at www.caxy.com. To learn more about ICC, please visit www.iccsafe.org.

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