Web3.0: A New Era of Social Marketing

Jul 18, 2013, 09:00 ET from Soobest.com

NEW YORK, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Here is a brief talk on web3.0: a new era of social marketing from B2C SooBest.com with a wide range of products such as women clothing, men clothing, fashion watches, fashion jewelry etc.

How are traditional businesses welcoming the marketing 3.0 era? This is a new challenge and an opportunity for traditional merchants to catch up with their online counterparts. To do this, clients must sell genuine products and back this with a strong core philosophy and high social value.

Social marketing differs from e-commerce

Things aren't as simple as they look. This is especially true in today's world where the absence of moral integrity is seemingly more commonplace than it used to be in the pre-Internet days. Simple e-commerce which encompasses just posting a product on the web now faces a variety of problems.

Lack of trust has become a huge problem

Without trust, it is very hard to market your products to your target market over the Internet. This is a ongoing issue which remains difficult for those engaging in e-commerce to solve.

With so many negative news stories, things like food safety can't really be taken for granted anymore. So what does social marketing do to eliminate the distrust spawned by disappointing past events? E-commerce on its own won't be able to change things. And so, we must begin to rely more on social marketing.

First, to correct a point: social marketing is not just Internet marketing. You shouldn't just focus on the Internet but instead on all the people around you and from there begin to establish trust via word of mouth not micro-blogs and certainly not micro-channels.

Establish trust in the offline world

Those who spend all day online aren't necessarily your target audience. It's nice to make an effort but this should be done among industry peers offline rather than online in the form of micro-blogging. You will get people's attention but they also might be spending a lot of time comparing prices on sites like Taobao.com.

Cherish life by not just going online

The Internet is an effective social marketing tool, nothing more. It truly is very useful and is a wonderful tool with which to search for information and of course affordably-priced products. It is a fantastic way to reach your target market. However, the Internet is merely just one tool that retailers should use when seeking to connect with their target market. Social marketing comes to mind as another tool, one that is based on the "human spirit" and which can help to promote the wellbeing of society as a whole. After all, we are not just in it for our customers but for everyone!

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