Weber GrillWatch Survey™ Shows Interest In Color Outpacing Stainless Steel At The Grill

Not Your Daddy's Grill: Younger Grillers Looking for Color at the Grill

May 06, 2015, 10:45 ET from Weber-Stephen Products LLC

PALATINE, Ill., May 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the 26th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, 50 percent of all grill owners are looking for a splash of color to accent their grills---with black taking the top spot (30 percent), followed by red/brick red (18 percent) and blue (14 percent).  The desire for color is even greater among grillers under 35, with 61 percent saying they'd like their next grill to have color.  Note:  stainless steel comes in at 23 percent.

Weber is responding to the changing tastes of millennial grillers by unveiling six vibrant colors to its popular Q gas grill line. The Weber Q 1200 gas grills Q 1200 grills are available in blue, green, orange, purple, fuchsia and black. The Q 1200 features a generous 189 square-inches of grilling space, porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates that guarantee restaurant-quality sear marks, a push button electronic ignition, two folding work tables and a built in thermometer to help monitor the heat inside the grill. MSRP: $219

Additional Color Trend Statistics from the 26th Weber GrillWatch Survey

  • Thirty-seven percent of grillers under age 35 chose the color blue as their "grilling personality color."
  • Fifty-four percent of female grill owners and 46 percent of males prefer color on their grill.

Millennial Grillers

  • Forty-three percent of grill owners in the U.S. under age 35 say they are grilling more than a year ago.
  • A whopping 83 percent of younger grill owners are more apt to entertain friends and family in their home this year, compared to 78 percent of those age 35-54 and 76 percent of those age 55 and older.
  • Across the board, the main reason for grilling stays the same: It's about the taste of the food. However, the younger generation, while still citing taste first (33 percent), is twice as likely to say the number one reason they grill is for entertaining as compared to those ages 35-54 (19 percent vs. 9 percent).

Top Holidays to Grill

  • Thirty percent of grill owners fire up the grill for the Super Bowl.
  • The Fourth of July is once again the top grilling holiday among grill owners (83 percent grill on this holiday) ahead of birthdays (72 percent), Labor Day (70 percent) and Memorial Day (62 percent).

Grilling on the Go

  • Fifty-eight percent of all grill owners enjoy grilling away from home (an uptick from last year at 55 percent), primarily for camping (41 percent), but also at parks (33 percent), the beach (21 percent) or at tailgate parties (20 percent).
  • Younger grill owners (under 35) are most apt to like grilling away from home (78 percent), versus 68 percent of those age 35-54 and 34 percent of those ages 55 and over. 
  • Americans, when given a choice of exotic locations where they could grill, say a beach in Hawaii is their top spot (26 percent), followed by a yacht in the Caribbean (11 percent).

Year-Round Grilling

  • Many Americans have braved freezing weather to grill---35 percent have grilled outdoors in weather below 32 degrees, including six percent who have grilled in weather below zero degrees.
  • Grillers who brave freezing temperatures do so primarily because they believe that everything tastes better grilled (58 percent); certain foods simply have to be prepared on the grill (47 percent) or that real grillers don't let a little cold stop them (44 percent).
  • Other factors that motivate grillers to brave freezing temperatures include the adventure of it (26 percent), "me time" (23 percent) and football season (21 percent).
  • Over half of American grill owners (55 percent) prepare meals in freezing temperatures for both regular family meals and for entertaining.

Grill Ownership

  • Overall, 68 percent of people in the U.S. currently own an outdoor barbecue grill.
  • Charcoal grill ownership is at its highest level at 56 percent. Gas grill ownership is at 59 percent.
  • The percentage of U.S. grill owners who own multiple grills remains fairly steady at approximately 33 percent.

Weber commissioned KeyStat Marketing to field the 26th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey. Toluna provided the sample of 1,000 grill owners throughout the United States who completed the online survey. All respondents were 21 years of age or older and currently own a charcoal, gas or electric outdoor grill or smoker. The sample was divided between 50 percent males and 50 percent females and was balanced demographically to represent households across the U.S. 

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