Websense TRITON Solution Earns Perfect Product Review From SC Magazine and IT Pro

Websense TRITON solution filling the gaps left by endpoint and network security, shutting the door on data theft from modern malware, targeted attacks, and advanced persistent threats (APTs)

Sep 27, 2011, 12:27 ET from Websense, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Headlines have been buzzing with recent data breaches and high-profile web exploits. Everyone from consumers (who stand to lose personal data) to boards of directors (who stand to pay stiff penalties for losing the same) are wondering if it's possible to out-maneuver increasingly advanced cybercriminals. According to SC Magazine and IT Pro UK, Websense (NASDAQ: WBSN) has the answer in Websense® TRITON™ Security Gateway Anywhere (TSGA) unifying web, email, and data security. It scored perfect marks in independent testing.

The Websense TRITON solution plugs the gaps left by the traditional endpoint and network security products. It delivers unified content security, which is a complementary combination of email security, web security, and data security (also known as data loss prevention, or DLP). The Websense TRITON solution stands in marked contrast to traditional firewall UTMs, which open and close doors for application or ports with no real-time analysis of today's security threats, and other legacy controls like antivirus and URL filters, that passively block known threats with signatures and known ratings.

"I was very impressed with Websense TRITON during our testing—the platform incorporates a robust range of web, email, and data security functions that are easily managed from one web console," said Dave Mitchell, director and founder of Binary Testing. "As organizations embrace the internet, their network frontiers have changed so much that perimeter security is no longer enough. Websense's TRITON Security Gateway Anywhere represents the next generation of business security solutions. It has a remarkable range of features and succeeds in seamlessly integrating both on-premise and SaaS cloud services into a single unified platform. Competing products only offer either on-premises or cloud scanning and generally rely on third-party vendors to provide these services. I highly recommend the Websense TRITON solution."

To read the TRITON product review, please click here. Websense stakes their claim to superior data theft and malware protection effectiveness by securing confidential data with technology that identifies, classifies, and understands content in varied forms and wherever it travels so that it can be protected from attack, theft, and misuse. Websense integrates data loss protection into its TRITON architecture while other solutions plug-in data loss through partnerships, creating a more complex multi-vendor offering that lacks policy integration. APTs and targeted attacks are increasing the importance of data theft protection, which TRITON addresses with a unified content security architecture that is unmatched in the industry.

"Websense TRITON exceeded my expectations," said Jan Erik Sorensen, senior consultant of Anti-Malware Operations for EDB ErgoGroup and an early adopter of the Websense TRITON solution. "I'm not worried about a data breach because I trust Websense will protect us. I don't lose sleep over it. The unification of TRITON's web security, email security, and data security is very effective and convenient. During our evaluation of available technologies, the Websense TRITON solution performed extremely well."

Other adopters report that the benefits they see with the Websense TRITON approach include:

  • The most effective way to protect data from modern malware, targeted attacks, and APTs
  • The web and email modules include true (not "lite") DLP—a great first step into DLP with an immediate risk reduction
  • Cloud, appliance, and hybrid deployment options that lower cost of operations, provide high availability for continuous operations, and save bandwidth by using cloud services to filter before content reaches on-premise appliances
  • Snaps together like Legos®; can be purchased separately or together

Through its unified content security approach, the Websense TRITON solution removes threats and risks to protect users, resources, and data. But the benefits go beyond blocking data theft to also enabling organizations to take advantage of rich internet applications, the cloud, social media, and mobile devices. This is an urgent issue for companies today as they struggle to keep up with social media, smart phones, tablets, and cloud applications that their employees are using, with or without permission.

According to the Ponemon Institute©, the average cost of an organizational data breach rose to $7.2 million in 2010, costing companies an average of $214 per compromised record.(1) In addition to saving organizations from costly data breaches, Websense TRITON unified content security solutions dramatically lower the total cost of ownership by 45 percent over competitive offerings.(2)

"The number one question I get every day from customers is if we can help keep them from being the next data breach headline," said Patrick Murray, senior director of product management for Websense. "They are getting calls from executives, the board of directors, and their legal departments. We feel confident that the Websense TRITON solution is the most effective unified content security platform available."

To read the TRITON Security Gateway product review, please click here. For more information on the Websense TRITON solution, please visit http://www.websense.com/content/TRITON-solutions.aspx.

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  1. 2010 Annual Study: U.S. Cost of a Data Breach, the Ponemon Institute, March 2011
  2. "The Cost Benefits of a Hybrid Approach to Security," an Osterman Research white paper, February 2010

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