Website Opened for Newly Released Day Planners "Echizen Foolscap Japanese Traditional Paper FUKUNO COCOCHI": Old But New, Pursuing Handiness & Traditional Japanese Beauty

- Product of Collaboration between Echizen Washi (Japanese Traditional Paper) & Kyoto Nishijin Tatsumura Art Fabrics -

Nov 20, 2015, 00:00 ET from Kadobun Co., Ltd.

FUKUI, Japan, Nov. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Kadobun Co., Ltd. has opened a website both in Japanese and English,, to advertise its products, including the "Echizen Foolscap Japanese Traditional Paper FUKUNO COCOCHI Planner" (6,800yen tax included) series which was released on July 1.


The new product pursues Japan's traditional beauty, wrapped in the precious cloth of Kyoto Nishijin Tatsumura Art Fabrics. The product was covered by a number of media outlets, such as Nihon Keizai Shimbun (a leading Japanese economic daily), Shumi no Bungu Bako (Pencil Cases of Hobby), and Fujin Gaho (Women's Pictorial Magazine). 

Tatsumura Textile Co., Ltd. of Kyoto, founded about 120 years ago, is one of the most famous art textile companies in the world. Tatsumura Textile restored ancient cloth fragments stored in the Shosoin Repository and Horyuji temple. The company's products are also used for "yamaboko" (traditional festival floats) in the Gion Festival in Kyoto. Baccarat, a French glassware maker, collaborated with Tatsumura Textiles.

In 2014, Yamada Keitei Co. of Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, the Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture, and Kadobun co-developed "Echizen Foolscap Japanese Traditional Paper FUKUNO COCOCHI " that is writable on both sides. To endorse traditional and futuristic innovation to develop new technologies, we were looking for something that seemed suitable for covering Echizen washi traditional Japanese paper. Finally, we found out ancient cloth fragments of Tatsumura Textiles were most suitable. 

The First Version of "Echizen Foolscap Japanese Washi FUKUNO COCOCHI "

Product of Traditional Japanese Beauty That Fits in Your Palm

We successfully produced pocket-size planners made of fabrics manufactured by Tatsumura Textile, a long-lasting company in Kyoto's Nishijin district. Their covers are available in 10 kinds of fabrics (there are nine kinds in total, but one of them contains two colors).

There are many kinds of designs including restored "Shishikari Monkin" (a national treasure that came from China). "Shishikari Monkin" items have been reserved in the Shosoin Repository. It was used in making costumes for Japan's Imperial Court musicians at Todaiji Buddhist temple's Kaigen ceremony held to consecrate a new Buddha statue in 752 A.D. 

Unique Points of Our Product
- It is a product that contains fabrics made by Tatsumura Textile, one of the best textile manufacturers in Japan
- The first planners made of Echizen washi, which are writable on both sides (other Echizen washi is writable on only one side)
- Reasonable price for products made of authentic silk manufactured by Tatsumura Textile. They are suitable for customers who value formality.

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