WECOSIGN™ Identifies Former Disgruntled Employees Responsible for Posting False Statements on the Internet

Mar 06, 2013, 14:34 ET from WECOSIGN Inc.

SANTA ANA, Calif., March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- WECOSIGN Inc., www.wecosign.com.

After a 12 month long investigation, WECOSIGN has identified two former employees as being "primarily responsible" for a series of false and misleading postings on the Internet, said Sylvia Lupe a company spokesperson.

The statements began appearing in September of last year on two internet complaint sites. The former employees used laptops, and then disconnected their telephone numbers (among other things) in an effort to disguise their identity. We began tracking the IP's as soon as the first writings appeared. They posted an entire "soap opera" of weekly stories to include "the impersonation of property managers" along with authoring false rebuttal responses as if they originated from WECOSIGN. Finally, they posted defamatory remarks and social security numbers in regard to the company's founder, and attacked his family.  They did so in retaliation for their termination from WECOSIGN, says Lupe.

Prior to the September postings the former employees also engineered a deliberate tortuous effort in authoring and sending out weekly letters to the company's shareholders under the "false pen name of John Justice." The letters encouraged shareholders to bring civil actions against WECOSIGN.  The group then went on to say in writing that "John Justice" would be their attorney, and "they would take the company over and restore value to the shareholders."  The truth is there is no "John Justice" says Lupe, it was simply a "ruse" designed specifically to thwart and undermine WECOSIGN's further advancement.

WECOSIGN has assisted hundreds of families live where they normally would be excluded from because of defective credit. They have enjoyed a stellar reputation for five years, prior to this incident.  We will continue to provide the best possible service going forward. If you as a vendor or resident have any concerns regarding these postings, please contact our office for further clarifications.

Two years ago WECOSIGN filed a RICO suit in Federal Court against a group that represented another fictitious customer named "Jim Brown." Jim Brown never existed as a natural person or client of WECOSIGN's. The Federal Judge in that case awarded WECOSIGN $350,000.00 in damages.