WedgeOS Improves Service Provider Content Security with Addition of High Availability Load Balancing

Wedge Networks Adds HALB to Enhance Seamless Connectivity, Infinite Scalability and Improved Investment Protection

Sep 14, 2011, 08:00 ET from Wedge Networks

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Wedge Networks, an innovator providing remediation-based Deep Content Inspection for high-performance, network-based Web security, is pleased to announce that it has added a High Availability Load Balancing (HALB) horizontal scalability pack to its WedgeOS™ Deep Content Inspection (DCI). The addition of HALB will help to meet the high performance and scalability security needs of cloud and service provider networks.

WedgeOS is implemented with a set of purpose built network stacks to ensure seamless network connectivity and always-on security services.  Collectively, these loads are called the High Availability (HA) Network Stack. The addition of High Availability Load Balancing brings a much-needed improvement to currently available security solutions by enabling an infinitely scalable solution with industry-leading reliability.

News Facts:

  • Service providers and large-scale enterprises are now able to enhance visibility, comprehension and manageability of application sessions for security and compliance purposes without impacting network performance and robustness.
  • The solution enables real time content security for large networks, including security as a service to significantly reduce IT overhead and management.
  • Rapid failover response time helps avoid interruption of network applications resulting in high reliability on network connectivity.
  • WedgeOS provides an advanced synchronization mechanism for DCI devices within an HA cluster to ensure any configuration to one device in the cluster will automatically propagate to other devices, drastically reducing management overhead.
  • Versatile HA configuration options are available to suit any network deployment.

Technical Features:

WedgeOS with HALB supports:

  • Meshed WCCP-based Load Balancing and Fail Over for all content delivery protocols
  • Meshed PBR-based Load Balancing and Fail Over for all content delivery protocols
  • Meshed link redundancy that is typical in large networks with auto-port switch feature
  • L2 bridge-based load balancing and failover switches when conducting deep content inspection for application sessions
  • Advanced health monitoring and signaling modules to interface with all standard load balancers

Supporting Quotes:

Hongwen Zhang, president and CEO, Wedge Networks, said:

"With the ever increasing threat landscape and new attack vectors such as mobile devices and social media, the demand to protect large enterprise and service provider networks has significantly increased. WedgeOS was specifically designed to meet the needs of the world's largest networks, delivering the most scalable and robust platform capable of Deep Content Inspection, in real time."

Jamie de Guerre, chief technology officer, Cloudmark, said:

"As a global leader in messaging security solutions for some of the world's largest service providers, Cloudmark understands content security network requirements for scalability, high performance and always-on reliability. The WedgeOS platform will help address these requirements with advanced, robust and scalable content security for the most complex and heavily traveled networks in the world."

About Wedge Networks

Wedge Networks is an innovator providing remediation-based Deep Content Inspection for high-performance, network-based Web security. It provides a scalable, real-time solution that understands the intent of Data-in-Motion, enabling the detection and remediation of both known and novel threats without impacting network performance. Its BeSecure appliances are easily integrated into existing environments. Wedge Networks provides its global customers, partners and distributors a dramatically safer and innovative way to do business. For more information, visit

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