Weight Loss Surgery Prolongs Lifespans

Bariatric procedures, like those offered by Dr. Amir Mehran at University Bariatrics, can add up to eight years to the life of someone struggling with severe obesity.

Dec 09, 2014, 17:04 ET from University Bariatrics

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The facts are simple and extremely well known: severe obesity greatly increases the risk of serious illness and death caused by such major health conditions as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Even with the correlation firmly established, new data continues to come to light further detailing just how damaging the effects of severe obesity truly are. A study recently released by Canada's McGill University outlines many of these impacts in alarming detail, including a greatly reduced lifespan, and years of seriously impaired health and reduced quality of life. For the severely obese, weight loss is the only option to avoid such serious consequences, and bariatric surgery offered by a highly experienced center like University Bariatrics is the only method proven to yield consistent results.

The study by McGill University published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology employed vast amounts of data from a large sample of members of various male and female age groups to establish figures that could best represent the mathematically accurate average lifespan of a severely obese individual. The computer model then factored in the various health risks of obesity to create predictions and projection based on existing data. Compared to individuals of a healthy weight in the age range from 20 to 39, severely obese men lost 8.4 years of their life, with women losing 6.1.

Further still, in addition to shorter lifespans, severely obese individuals were also found to spend 18.8 years debilitated to various extents by a range of often painful health issues. Because of the stresses severe obesity places on the body, individuals who are significantly overweight must often manage a host of difficult conditions that affect their daily lives. As the study concludes, "The pattern is clear. The more an individual weighs, the greater the [negative] effect on their health."

For the severely obese, reaching a healthy weight is essential toward decreasing the serious associated health risks, improving quality of life, and increasing lifespan. Unfortunately, other methods of weight loss, such as diet and exercise, often fail to yield satisfactory results. Such methods can be effective for shedding a few pounds, but are difficult tools to utilize for someone who needs to lose the scores of pounds necessary for a severely obese individual to reach a healthy weight. Meanwhile, bariatric surgery offered by highly experienced surgeons like Dr. Amir Mehran are proven to be safe, effective, and able to deliver consistent and long term results.

At University Bariatrics, Dr. Mehran and his team avoid making broad statements or claims that emphasize weight loss surgery as a cosmetic issue rather than a medical one. University Bariatrics understands that weight loss is a necessary goal to improve the health of severely obese patients, and that bariatric surgery is an excellent tool to get there. Dr. Mehran focuses on patient education, preparation, and safety to ensure the best possible results for each and every patient. For more information on University Bariatrics, including how to sign up for one of their Free Weight Loss Seminars call 805-379-9796, or visit their website.

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