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Diversion Inc. Brings Hollywood to Life on Facebook

Work Your Way to the A-List with New Social Game

Nov 01, 2010, 10:30 ET from Diversion Inc.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Nov. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Diversion Inc. officially launched FameTown today, the new social game for Facebook that brings a fictionalized version of Hollywood to life.  FameTown challenges players to see if they have what it takes to work their way onto the A-List by starring in films, mingling with insiders, and managing their agent and publicist. FameTown is the first game produced by Diversion Inc., formed in early 2010 and funded by The Tornante Company. Diversion is focused on providing uniquely compelling gameplay and an immersive entertaining gaming experience for a network of millions of users.  This commitment is further enhanced by FameTown's launch sponsor, Burlesque, from Screen Gems and Sony Pictures Entertainment, which opens in movie theaters this Thanksgiving.  

"In FameTown, we believe the benefits of blurring the lines between social gaming and the entertainment industry were a natural fit," said Diversion Inc., CEO Dayvid Iannaci.  "Ultimately, our vision is to find a way to provide users with a small taste of what it might actually be like to experience this lifestyle."

Michael Eisner, who founded the Tornante Company in 2005 and sits on the board of advisors at Diversion Inc adds, "When the concept of FameTown was presented to us, we knew instantly that it had tremendous potential. Expanding into the exciting world of social gaming feels like a natural progression for The Tornante Company and I feel we've surrounded ourselves with some of the most talented people in the business to accomplish that goal."

In FameTown, players will work their way from the D-List to the A-List by getting movies into production and then releasing those movies. While the movies are being produced, players will interact with the Hollywood world by going to industry events, partying at bars and clubs, and attending charity and fundraising events. In the process they will generate more cash, fans, and experience.  The central goal of FameTown is to raise your social status by gaining as many fans as possible.  Just like in Hollywood if you are not out there making movies and being seen, someone else will be right there to take your place.  

Exciting features in the game include:

  • Star in movies to build your fame and influence as you make your way up, from the D to the A list
  • Build an entourage of friends, gain fans and attend VIP events
  • Hire a superstar staff of agents, publicists, stylists and assistants to help guide you to success
  • Sell secrets about friends to the paparazzi and share the tabloid gossip on Facebook
  • Create buzz for friends to help their movies get better ratings and save films that have been shelved by neglect
  • Craft your celebrity status by deciding which movies to star in, what events to attend, and how you treat friends

"Ideas aren't worth much in our world, but with FameTown I was immediately excited by the concept and shocked it had not already been done well," said Shawn Fanning, board member  at Diversion. "Being a famous Moviestar is truly the ultimate fantasy and the team at Diversion just so happen to be the perfect mix of experienced executives and full grown child-mutants to finally create a social game that's actually FUN to play."

Click here, to be directed to the FameTown homepage on Facebook.

For more information on FameTown, follow it on Twitter @theFameTown or log on to www.diversion.la.


Diversion was formed in early 2010 to develop and publish new kinds of social games.  It is funded by Tornante and has Michael Eisner and Shawn Fanning both on the board of advisors. Diversion's first game, FameTown, launches on November 1, 2010.


Founded in 2005 by Michael Eisner, The Tornante Company (www.tornante.com) is a privately held company that invests in, acquires, and operates media and entertainment companies. Tornante's companies and investments include Diversion, Vuguru, Tornante Animation, The Topps Company, Inc, and Activate. In the fall of 2010, Diversion launches its first game, FameTown.

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