Wellness Publishers Offer Targeted Advertising Opportunities to 50 Million+ Parents During Back-to-School and Allergy, Cold and Flu Seasons

Jun 28, 2010, 10:12 ET from HealthCentral

HealthCentral, Wellsphere, HealthGrades, WrongDiagnosis, Insider Pages, IAC Parenting, and 5Min Media engage 50 million+ parents making health and nutrition decisions for their families

ARLINGTON, Va., June 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- HealthCentral (www.HealthCentral.com), the leading collection of online condition-specific consumer health and wellness experiences, announced today that it is joining with properties owned by InterActive Corporation, HealthGrades, 5Min Media, and New Hope Media to offer unprecedented targeting and reach for marketers in the health, children's, nutritional, and over-the-counter medications categories.  Reaching parents during the back-to-school, fall allergy, and cold and flu seasons, the marketing campaigns will run across quality media and video properties reaching 50 million+ parents.

The offering combines large audiences of parents researching healthy nutrition for their kids and planning back-to-school doctors and dentist visits; moms preparing for fall allergies; and parents stocking up on cold and flu remedies, liquids and healthy food, and planning seasonal vaccinations.  Marketers will have the ability to buy, at once, targeted display media, online video, and control of a custom tool or feature on each publisher's site.

"Moms and Dads increasingly see good health as part of happy living, making food, beauty, family illness, and home products decisions with good health foremost in mind," said Christopher M. Schroeder, CEO of HealthCentral.  "This combination of audiences reaches consumers at these key decision points: when Moms have decided this is the year when their kids must eat right at school and home; when in this worst ever year of allergies, this is the time to make their homes dirt and dust-free in environmentally and health-sensitive ways; and as they plan to stave off the flu with vaccinations or make a doctor's visit when end-of-summer colds and winter flu strikes."

"We are pleased to include our audience and content in this unique offering," added Andrea Pearson, Executive Vice President of HealthGrades.  "Parents on our sites are making critical decisions for their children and themselves not just to get well, but to be well.  Food, beauty, and home products brands are seen by consumers as integral to good health on a day-in, day-out basis."  

"Many parents visiting our site are only a few hours or days away from getting the kids in the car and heading to the doctor or store," said Eric Peacock, GM of Insider Pages.  "Whether they are looking for a flu shot or picking out back-to-school clothes, this will be a great opportunity to present them with highly relevant, valuable messages from respected brands."

HealthCentral's sales and marketing team will be presenting the offering to marketers, with packages including targeted media, online video, and custom sponsorships.  "This is not just another network buy," added Peter Horn, HealthCentral's Chief Revenue Officer.  "These are very tight decision windows – back-to-school, fall allergies, winter cold & flu – consumers are intensely interested in making major decisions, and it's important to reach them in multiple mediums through informative content, social media, and 'people like me' Mom videos; we can do that with great efficiency and custom elements."

More information on the opportunity is available at http://www.healthcentral.com/about/media-kit/reaching-parents-during-back-to-school-fall-allergy-and-cold-and-flu-seasons/. Interested parties can also email HealthCentral directly at advertising@HealthCentral.com.

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