Weloxy is Used as a Free Business Tool to Promote Brand Awareness

Oct 12, 2010, 01:58 ET from Weloxy

LONDON, October 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The latest in user customized websites has just come on line. Weloxy stores and provides instant access to web users' most frequently visited websites, completely free of charge.

The convenience factor is inescapable: users log on to http://www.weloxy.com and, having registered, customise their Weloxy site by installing links to favourite sites. Links are displayed as logos which are available from the database as well as custom-made. Users create their own links and organise them within appropriate blocks, from mail and news to business and holidays, moving them around with the cursor. So Weloxy is effectively a way to construct and run a personalised website.

Weloxy is accessible via any internet connection the world over, doing away with the need for access to the user's own computer, which makes it invaluable for travellers. It's no longer necessary to search for half-remembered names or trawl through history to find the last visit.

It's not just for private users; Weloxy is also a vital business tool. Firms can upload their own company logo and link to the website via the Submit My Website @ Weloxy.com facility. There's a snowball effect, as businesses upload links to client and customer sites, facilitating communication and promoting brand awareness. Weloxy is completely free of charge, so it's a commercial no brainer.

Already many large companies have grasped the potential of optimising their business potential on Weloxy, and have uploaded their logos to the site.