Welsh Government Publishes Case Study on FAUN TRACKWAY USA's Overseas Expansion

Nov 21, 2011, 09:59 ET from FAUN TRACKWAY USA

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Welsh Government has released a case study detailing the success of FAUN TRACKWAY USA's launch in the United States. FAUN TRACKWAY USA, a technology manufacturer of portable roadways and aircraft landing mats, celebrated its official kickoff in July 2011. FAUN's rapidly deployable products enable mobility in any environment or climate. Affiliated with the Wales-based FAUN TRACKWAY, the Welsh Government's report discusses FAUN's best practices for expanding into the United States defense technology marketplace.

Edwina Hart, Wales' business minister, welcomed the American expansion as a "milestone" for not only FAUN TRACKWAY, but for Welsh manufacturing. Hart said, "By breaking new ground in North America, FAUN TRACKWAY is ensuring it can continue to invest in North Wales while sowing the seeds for continued overseas growth. They will also be flying the flag for Welsh engineering excellence on the global stage."

Mike Holdcraft, FAUN TRACKWAY USA vice president of business development, said, "We welcome the Welsh Government's case study. We are all very gracious for the government support we have received since the company's official launch. FAUN TRACKWAY has made significant strides in developing business in the United States. Our products have garnered qualified interest from both defense and civilian markets. There's a clear need for FAUN to be here."

The report delineates FAUN's reasoning for an aggressive expansion saying, "Strong interest in FAUN TRACKWAY products from the U.S. Department of Defense is largely due to U.S. military missions being located in some of the most extreme environments in the world. With modern warfare and relief operations often involving challenging transportation issues, FAUN TRACKWAY is confident of the demand for its highly durable and rapidly deployable products."

Download the full report here: http://www.fauntrackway.com/media-center/case-study