Wenjiang (Chengdu): One Hundred Children Join Hands to Complete the "Panda Smiles Plan"

-- The Sichuan province district hosts a series of events to promote the Eco-civilization China Forum

Jun 18, 2014, 09:23 ET from Organizing Committee for 4th Eco-civilization China Forum

CHENGDU, China, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The United Nations has designated June 17 as the "World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought" to highlight pressing environmental issues. In an era during which the world's environment is deteriorating day by day, an ever growing number of people are becoming actively concerned citizens. Environmentalists, thousands of Wenjiang residents, and hundreds of elementary school students gathered in Wenjiang to present their list of recommendations on how to better protect the environment. The event serves as a prelude to the Eco-civilization Forum (Chengdu) China 2014, which will take place in Wenjiang this October.

Parents "adopt" 300 plant seedlings and make a promise to plant them, with their children slated to assume care of the plants 10 years later

At the ceremony, the organizer brought 300 glass bottles, each filled with the seedling of one tree for the children in attendance to choose from and plant. All 300 seedlings were "adopted" immediately. After the seedlings were distributed, the children wrote cards expressing best wishes for the health of their chosen seedling. One of them wrote, "I hope this seed will take root rapidly and become a tall tree after 10 years."

One of the organizer's top aides said, "We chose this method as we want the spirit of environmental awareness and protection to pass down from generation to generation. When these children themselves become adults after 10 to 15 years, these seeds may have grown into towering trees. These children will remember this momentous event and the awareness of environmental protection will take root in their hearts and souls."

One child at the event said, "I like this seed planting event and I will keep an eye on the growth of the tree."

Children take part in the "Panda Smiles Plan," assembling a jigsaw puzzle that transforms the crying panda into a smiling one

The jigsaw puzzle reality show -- "Panda Smiles Plan," an event in which 100 children attending the event participated, was found to an innovative and interesting one that was highly enjoyed by the audience. The panda, created by the children's hands, was depicted in the puzzle as sitting in a desert, crying because of the environmental pollution and deterioration of the surrounding vegetation. After 100 children joined hands to change reality, the panda is happily smiling.

A girl at the event said, "I feel sad and hurt when I see the panda crying. We must take good care of the environment so the panda will cry no more. Pandas are adorable and should be cherished." The girl said she will not carelessly drop litter and cause pollution. The children loved the jigsaw puzzle. A lot of parents said they felt that the activity was an innovative one and appreciated how their children gained an educational experience in an enjoyable way.

Building a solid foundation for eco-civilization and for the well-being of the residents of Wenjiang

The Eco-civilization Forum (Chengdu) China 2014 - the 4thAnnual Meeting of Eco-Civilization Promotion Seminar will kick off in Wenjiang this October and will the theme of "Innovation drives eco-civilization - a choice of philosophies, measures, and policies when facing common environmental challenges." With the meeting's theme in mind, Wenjiang District continues its exploration of the road leading to the development of a healthy eco-civilization. At same time, Wenjiang plans to take advantage of the Forum and the construction of 12 projects to greatly improve the district's ecological environment. The general public in Wenjiang will experience a higher level of eco-civilization.

Wenjiang's district government plans to complete 12 key projects, including a demonstration project of Wenjiang's water ecosystem the "Water Cube," an educational showroom for eco-civilization planning and development, consolidation of a green gallery cluster stretching between the towns of Wanchun and Guoshe, as well as series of gardens manicured to perfection for visitors. Wenjiang will take advantage of the Forum and the 12 projects to greatly improve the district's ecology, at the same time the general public living in or visiting Wenjiang will experience the benefits of a higher level of eco-civilization. Wenjiang residents who love nature will be the greatest beneficiaries.

SOURCE Organizing Committee for 4th Eco-civilization China Forum